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How You Can Make Money Selling Computer Software

Computer software is without question one of the least expensivemost profitableeasiest to sellmost in-demand products available today.

Nothing else even comes close!

The Microsoft Corporation alone has reported record revenues of $62.48  BILLION last year or two, most of which was generated by selling, you guessed it - computer software.

According to Nash Information Services the entire US Movie Industry combined only earned $10.4 billion in revenue last year.

That means software sales outsold the movies 6 to 1.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, listen closely: computers are now rapidly outselling TV’s by the thousands. Software sales are steadily increasing because computers are worthless without software.  This means that software will always be in-demand as long as people own and buy computers.

In fact, industry experts agree that sales will continue growing faster and faster each year.  According to a report by Forrester Research, there will be more than two billion PC’s in use worldwide by 2018. Each one of these computers sold needs software!

Now you can be one of the select few to get your share of the multi-billion dollar per year software business by offering our hot-selling software to this starving global market.


Consider this: For near the cost of a 2-liter of soda, we can have a five-inch DVD-ROM disc duplicated and packaged for you. That same disc can sell for more than $30.00! Some titles sell for $995.95 each! That’s more than a whopping 66,233% profit margin!

That kind of profit means that even limited sales can create a HUGE MONTHLY CASH FLOW! Here’s a realistic example: Just an effortless 15 sales per week at $30.00 ea can potentially generate $1,800 in just ONE month! Believe me, with the software products we’re creating for you, 15 sales per week is peanuts.  And $30 is only the suggested retail price, you can always sell the software at a higher price if you choose.  For example, Microsoft usually sells the “Home” edition of their Windows® software for a retail price of $97 on DVD-ROM.

Just recently, a well-known DVD-ROM game titled World of Warcraft generated sales in excess of over $120 million dollars per month from its base of 10.3 million subscribers. That’s impossible for anyone to ignore. While it is not expected that all new software titles will reach MULTI-MILLION dollar sales figures, many hot titles WILL have sales in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS EACH!

You have complete flexibility and control selling our software. There are no selling restrictions, (just sell them legally) which means you can create value-added software bundles and even combine the software with other products you are selling at a higher price; the choice is yours.

We’ll even be creating additional volumes to some of our titles, so you’ll be able to bundle together the different volumes and sell them together for even more money!

Just one aspect of this business can allow you to spend as little as $1.50 and earn immediate cash profits of up to 1,900% (or more) over and over and over again!

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates, (one of the richest men in the world), reportedly has a net worth of $56 BILLION DOLLARS from the software business and now you can effortlessly get your share of the action!

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself and make money at home, you’re in the right place. And unlike Bill Gates, you don’t have to develop or test anything or struggle with trial and error before you can profit. Everything has already been developed and manufactured for you! Begin using our proven sales materials to sell our hot software titles and profit immediately!

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Make Money Selling Software     Distributor Benefits and Features     Distributorship Comparison     Enroll Now

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Make Money Selling Software     Distributor Benefits and Features     Distributorship Comparison     Enroll Now