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Over A Dozen Video Training Courses At Your Fingertips!

Have you ever wanted to learn Facebook Marketing Secrets, Internet Business Basics, How to Use Twitter, How to Build A Web Site, Email Marketing, How to Start Your Own Blog, How to Use Google to Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Site, How To Create Web Graphics?

Books are expensive and take a lot of time to read.  College courses cost even more and take even more time. The Internet has a lot to offer.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Internet and what's really involved in creating your own website from scratch, the following videos tutorials are a great place to start.

We have over a 16+ video courses in the Video Training Library (many over 1 hour long) and they’re ALL available for you to watch as many times as you want... PLUS any new courses that are added are yours to watch at no additional charge.

Take a look at some of the courses we have available:

Facebook Marketing Secrets

Internet Business Basics

Twitter for Beginners

Google Traffic Pump

Create Web Graphics

Photoshop Mini-Sites

Selling on eBay

PC Speed Up System

Massive Web Traffic

Easy Word Press 3

HTML for Beginners

Online Copywriting Pro

Celebrity Blogging Video
Celebrity Blogging

Online Traffic Blueprint

Responsive Email Marketing

Outsource Your Traffic Dept

Course # 1
Facebook Marketing Secrets

ATTENTION: This Recession Proof Marketing Method Just Keeps On Getting Bigger And Bigger... Are You Ready To Take A Huge Bite Out Of Your Piece Of This Pie?

"I'm About To Show You How My Super Simple System Will Take You From A Facebook Nobody To A Social Media Marketing Monster Using The Power Of Facebook"

Have You Discovered The Secret The Gurus Use Every Day To Bank Boatloads Of Cash From The Social Media Powerhouse Known As Facebook?

Exclusive Facebook Marketing SecretsRead on to discover how you can gain instant access to a goldmine of powerful Facebook training video tutorials, that take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to fast-track your way to making Facebook your personal ATM cash machine!

It doesn't matter if you own a Mom 'n Pop shop in small town USA or if you have multiple online eCommerce web sites, you need traffic to keep your business afloat!

More and more savvy business owners - offline & online, are using the massive power of the Internet to pull traffic to their businesses. One of the fastest growing segments on the Internet is Social Media!

Social Media Has Overtaken Porn As
The #1 Activity On The Web

THE Fastest growing element of online Social Media is Facebook. If Facebook were a country, it would be one of the largest on the planet! Facebook has over 460 million users at the time of me writing this and roughly 300 thousand more are joining the Facebook ranks EACH DAY!

Can you see the potential Customer base from just Facebook? How about this... The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year-old females. So if thought that Facebook was only used by a bunch of teens yammering about the latest hair styles, you need to re-think a few things!

If you are trying to start an online or offline business, or you already have your business up & running but you want to make sure your doors can stay open even in the harshest of economic climates, the one thing that is true in any successful business...

You Need Traffic To Maintain and
Grow Your Business

You may be thinking that you have exhausted all avenues of generating new Customers or even bringing back previous Customers to your online OR offline store. You keep hearing about the Facebook craze or the power of social media like YouTube and Twitter and may be wondering how you can tap into this phenomena known also as Web 2.0.

1. You are wrong to think that you have exhausted all your 'New Customer' avenues — I'm about to show you...

2. You are correct in thinking that the current migration of the masses to social media is just plum full of prospects waiting for you to pick em'

In order for your business to remain viable in todays market place you must know how to use the latest social media elements, most importantly Facebook!

But Without Years Of Experience And Buckets Of Cash
You Just Can Not Tap Into The Masses Of Potential Customers On Facebook...



This Is The Only Facebook Video Guide
You Will Ever Need!

It doesn't get much easier than this. I have compiled easy to consume yet critical information regarding Facebook that you will need in order to harness the awesome traffic pulling power of this social media power-house. I have weeded through the system, bit by bit and have created the ultimate video guide to utilizing Facebook for traffic generation and social branding.

Here is just SOME of what you will learn with these videos...

Become A Facebook Pro! Learn the in's and out's of the entire system and discover how you can utilize its built in 'modules' to instantly generate traffic to your site!

Launch your website quickly and easily by putting it in front of thousands of potential customers! Showcase your offers at no cost by focusing on 'targeted groups' that ALREADY exist within the Facebook community!

Build your online identity as a trusted and reliable source for products and services by networking with leaders in your niche. It's never been easier to find joint venture partners or potential allies regardless of your market.

Build Your Following... With it's 'instant community' and built in tools, you can create your own internal group focused on your niche, in a matter of a couple of clicks!

Take it a step further by discovering how applications work, what tools are available to you and how you can make more money just by being part of the Facebook community!

And Much, Much More!

These Facebook videos will take you through every single step from setting up your Facebook account, to building a loyal customer base with tried and true strategies as well as easy techniques that will work for you, regardless if you have failed at marketing within other social outlets, such as Twitter or Digg or MySpace.

You will be amazed at just how easy it really is once you watch these Facebook video guides and implement their proven strategies into your marketing campaign. Start generating a flood of targeted traffic to your website right now.. Facebook is free and even easier to use with the help these Facebook videos within your reach. You will never again wonder how other people are doing it!

Don't be intimidated by the phrase "Facebook Marketing", it really isn't as hard as it sounds. In fact my videos make setting up, building, and profiting from Facebook as simple as turning on your T.V.!

It is not difficult at all to build your own Facebook marketing empire, as long as you know what you are doing. Allow me to give you the benefit of my expertise and experience. I have learned through my successes and failures what works. I created this video series specifically to help you learn the right way to practice Facebook marketing for either your online business and/or your offline brick & mortar business.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this Facebook course:

Video 1 - Your Introduction To Facebook

This video gives you a little background on Facebook. You’ll learn how it started, where it is at today on the social media radar and a bit about where it may be going in the very near future.

Video 2 - Let's Create A Facebook Account

Here you will learn the basics of creating your Facebook account. More importantly though, you will know more about the idea of branding yourself can make a huge difference in any marketing efforts you have planned for your Facebook account.

Video 3 - Your Facebook Profile and Account Settings

In video 3 we will walk you through the profile and settings area. You are going to learn a few things about what you may want to add to your profile and some you may want to leave out.

Video 4 - Your Facebook Friends

This video discusses the importance of your Facebook friends. How to find and add, grouping and creating friend lists as well as the possible need of limiting and deleting of friends. Your FB friends are a major part of your Facebook endeavors so knowing how to manage them is very important.

Video 5 - Your Facebook Wall

Video 5 will help you understand what your Facebook Wall is and its importance in helping you manage your Facebook activities.

Video 6 - The Facebook Newsfeed

This video will explain in simple terms what the Facebook Newsfeed is and why it is quite possibly the most important element in your Facebook account.

Video 7 - Facebook Fan Pages vs Facebook Groups

In this video you will learn what a Fan Page is and what a Facebook Group is and the difference between the two in how they will help build your brand recognition or be a total flop before you ever get started.

Video 8 - How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

Now that you have a basic idea of what a Fan Page is, video 8 will show you step-by-step how to create a Fan Page. There are certain items you should consider in order to maximize the effectiveness of your Fan Pages and this video touches on a few of them.

Video 9 - How To Create A Facebook Group

Now that you know the difference between the Fan Page and the Facebook Groups, video 10 will show you how to create your Facebook Group and like with your Facebook Fan Pages, there are a few things to keep in mind in creating your Groups that will help them to "Be All That They Can Be".

Video 10 - Growing Your Fan Page

Video 9 walked you through the process of growing your Fan Pages. Build it and they will come only works for fictitious baseball fields - not Facebook Fan Pages, so you'll want to watch this video and take notes.

Video 11 - Growing Your Groups

In video 11 you will learn some tips and tricks to help you grow your Facebook Groups so your Groups can help grow your business.

Video 12 - Privacy Settings

Privacy on the Internet... Now there is a novel idea! There are some steps you can take in order to padlock your Facebook content and your personal details and video 12 will show you how. You can have your profile locked-up like Fort Knox or you can leave the front door wide open or any level in between. If you have any concern at all for your Facebook security, then this video is a must see.

Video 13 - Various Marketing Methods on Facebook

While Facebook was not originally created with the idea of making money from having a Facebook account, if done properly, you can tap into the massive exposure that Facebook can provide. Video 13 shows you how.

Video 14 - Adding Badges To Your Web Site

In video 14, you will learn how to bridge the gap between your Facebook account and your website or blog by adding badges to your site. There are several types of badges to choose from and you will learn how to customize them as well.

Video 15 - Adding An Opt-In Form To Your Wall

An opt-in form for Marketers is like water for a fish. Video 15 will show you how to add this marketing tool to your Facebook Pages.

Video 16 - Intro To Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can play a huge part in your successful marketing plans on Facebook. Video 16 will introduce you to the Facebook Ads.

Video 17 - Facebook Do's and Don'ts

Video 17 will show you some items to consider doing in your Facebook Ad campaigns and more importantly, things you should avoid doing if you want your Ads to have a chance at success.

Video 18 - Facebook Ad Creation

There are many things to take into consideration when creating your Facebook Ads. Video 18 will cover the basics so you can get started immediately. The art of Ninja style Facebook Ad creation will require an entire video series but video 18 will get you started in the right direction.

Video 19 - How To Add A Contact Form To Your Page

Communication is a key element in any successful marketing endeavor. Video 19 shows you how to add a contact form to your Pages. You will also learn how adding a contact form to your Facebook pages will give your business additional exposure.

Video 20 - Pimpin' Your Fan Page Profile Image

Video 20 will throw back the curtain on some Facebook fun-time. You will learn a few things about your Facebook images. Mainly your profile image and ideas on how to create the best profile image possible, as well as your photo albums and your thumbnail images. Time to put on the creative thinking cap. If you don't have one, you can borrow mine!

Video 21 - Your Vanity URL

In this video you will learn how to acquire your own vanity URL and why it is important to do this as soon as possible!

Video 22 - Adding A Contact Form With A Captcha Image

For people that do battle with the spam monsters and have a captcha image on their contact forms, video 22 will show you how to add these contact forms to your Facebook Pages as well.

Video 23 - Customizing Your Facebook Fan Page

Video 23 will show you how to add that WOW factor to your Fan Pages. Your Fan Page can be as unique as you like and this video will walk you through the steps needed to get it that way.

Everything you need to know to get started using Facebook is right here, step by step, with video tutorials showing you EXACTLY what you need to know.

It's like you're looking over my shoulder as I point you directly to success!

Facebook marketing is big and getting BIGGER. You could be quickly generating massive laser targeted traffic AND cash profits using the very methods outlined in this course. You just have to take that first step and click here to join the Video Training Library.

Course # 2
Internet Business Basics

I'm certainly not a psychic, but I'm guessing that you'd love to own your own Internet business.

Internet Business BasicsRight?

I mean, you've heard all the "success stories" about how you can make insane amounts of money working...

... from the comfort of your own home!

... in your pajamas!

... less than 2 hours a day!

Am I right?

And let's be honest, you'd have to be out of your mind NOT to want an automated business that brings in orders 24/7 while you sleep, play golf, read a book or take a vacation.

It's the ultimate "dream."

To live comfortably - even extravagantly - while working a bare minimum amount of hours each week.  Orders coming in around-the-clock and automatically fulfilled from a website without you so much as lifting a finger.

Aaah, the "good life".

Unfortunately, for most people, that "dream" is abruptly ended by an obnoxiously loud alarm clock at a time early in the morning when no one should have to be awake!

It's just a dream.

And the reason it's just a dream is because somewhere along the way to wealth, no one explained HOW to get this online business started in the first place.

That's gonna change for YOU beginning right now...

How Would You Like To Get An Experienced "Expert" To Answer  All Of Your Questions About Setting Up An eBusiness?

You see, I get the same questions over and over again from my clients.  Things like...

  • How can I upload files to my web page?
  • How can I let customers automatically download my product?
  • How can I make more money from my site?
  • How do I set up an autoresponder?
  • How do I process my orders?
  • How can I get folks to buy from me?

I mean, you simply cannot setup a business on the Internet without knowing these (and other) basics steps.

So, I decided that I was going to put together a course that answers these common questions (and a bunch more) that hold most people back from experiencing the "dream" of financial freedom.

That way, you could have someone who's already done it time and time again, show you exactly how to do it yourself.  I'd be answering your questions for you ... before you even asked them.

Sounds good, huh?


"Internet Business Basics"
How to Setup Your Own Internet Business

15 Digital Videos You Can Watch Online!

You'll be able to immediately watch well over 2 hours of video training tutorials in the Internet Business Basics package!

Everything you need to know in order to set up your own Internet business is SHOWN in step-by-step format. Things like...

  • How to choose a domain name for your online business.
  • How to actually register and protect your domain name.
  • Where to find the absolute, cheapest domain name registrations online.
  • How to make certain your web site is "live" for others to visit.
  • How to set up your first hosting account.
  • How to find a web host for under $6.00 per month or load as many as 200 different sites for under $20.00 per month.
  • How to setup a completely free autoresponder account.
  • The importance of message sequencing and how to setup your outgoing messages.
  • How to setup automated follow-ups and what intervals to use.
  • How to broadcast your solo mailings and newsletter issues.
  • How to create an "opt-in" form for subscribers to use in automatically joining your lists.
  • The importance of multiple autoresponder accounts and lists.
  • How the sales process works to produce orders at a direct response web site.

This series really reveals it all in these fifteen videos... quite literally, every step of the process for setting up your own Internet business.

A few more of the things you'll learn with Internet Business Basics include...

  • The 2 pages that 90% of the web sites don't use that are absolutely critical to Internet profits.
  • How to create a simple webpage even if you don't know HTML.
  • How to create and edit webpage links - both those that open in the same browser window and those that open in new browser windows.
  • How to import graphics and change font styles, sizes, colors, etc.
  • How to create "intermediate order pages" and "customer capture pages."
  • How to setup a download page for automated order processing.
  • How to create download links and the exact instructions you need to provide your customers with to reduce support requests.
  • How to setup a Clickbank account and get it approved for order processing.
  • How to setup an automated order processing system.
  • How to upload all of your files to your site using FTP.
  • Where to download the absolute best FTP software for free.
  • How to obtain the server information you need to upload your files.

You get 12+ videos (over 2 hours of tutorials!) that walk you through every step of the process.

Basic Internet Tools
In this video series you will learn how to use a Zip File Creator, A Document Writer and PDF Converter, Photo Capture Software, Graphic Creation Software, Audio Creation Software, FTP Client for Uploading and Downloading and Payment Processors like PayPal and Clickbank.

Using Blogger
Learn how to create and setup your own Blogger account in three easy steps.  Publish your own blog posts, get feedback and more.  Plus you'll learn advanced blogging techniques including managing Blogger settings and changing the layout and theme of your blog.

Using Word Press
Learn how to install and setup a WordPress account.  WordPress is the world's most popular content management system and can be used as a blog, your own web site, a publishing platform, a tool for business and more.  Best of all it's free!  These videos will show you how to quickly get started using WordPress to begin making money publishing your content online.

Creating A PHP Redirect
Learn how to create a php redirect script that will quickly and invisibly redirect users from one web page to another.

Setting Up An Autoresponder
Learn how to use autoresponders as an effective money-making tool for your business.  An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it.  Autoresponders are used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals. In this video you will learn how to create your own autoresponder from start to finish.

Automating your order processing.
You'll also learn how to get your orders processed automatically by an independent third processor. This special video shows you how to setup an account and allow Clickbank to completely automate your order processing to take orders 24/7 without any work on your part!

I only wish these videos had been around when I was starting out. It would have saved me many long nights of frustration trying to figure it out on my own!

I had to learn everything by "trial and error" ... but you don't!

Click Here and get access to this course in the Video Training Library right now!

Course # 3
Twitter for Beginners

It’s Time For YOU To Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With The Most Powerful Social Networking Site On The Internet And Transform Your Business Into A Profit-Pulling Powerhouse

Discover how to make marketing your website or blog a BREEZE, pull in a truck-load of traffic and Twitter for Beginnersskyrocket your profits – All with one powerful Internet phenomenon!

  • Are you ready to finally put the hottest Internet trend to use for you?
  • Are you ready to attract more prospects and increase your profits with ease?
  • Are you ready to kick your marketing into high gear – the smart way?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then this might be the most important web page you have ever read.


Because I am going to tell you EXACTLY how you can achieve all your goals and become the success that you crave. I am going to give you the step-by-step guide that will allow you to master Twitter and get the attention, the traffic and the profits that you deserve!

Twitter Isn’t Just a Funny Name; It’s An Online Goldmine Just Waiting For You!

When I first heard about Twitter I remember thinking that it was just a little web site with a funny name. But Twitter is so much more than that!

It’s a social web site that allows you to post “mini-blogs” to let everyone know exactly what you are doing. You can use it to promote sales, promotions, updates, and deals.

You can use Twitter to advertise your products, increase your traffic and boost your profits like you never thought possible.

And the best part is... when you know EXACTLY how to use Twitter to your advantage... it can become the #1 driving force behind your marketing.

But the hard part is trying to figure out how to use Twitter for your Internet marketing needs. It can be a little confusing and complicated.

And that is why I am here; to help you master Twitter and completely change the way you market your product.

  • Just imagine being able to transform your free Twitter account into a marketing powerhouse for your web site, your blog and your products.
  • Just imagine being able to jump on the hottest Internet Marketing trend and get the most from your marketing.
  • Just imagine being able to boost your profits, your traffic and your customer base with minimal effort.

Well, you can do it ALL with Twitter!

And now I am going to show you exactly how you can make all this happen for you!

Forget The Boring eBooks... You Need REAL Information And You Need It TODAY!

You need to discover the secrets of Twitter, and you need to start TODAY! You don’t want to read a mind-numbing eBook and you don’t want to try and decode this information for yourself.

And that is exactly why I have created 14 videos that will walk you through every step and explain everything – with humor and energy.

These videos weren’t thrown together on a Sunday afternoon. I spend hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks researching all the information.

I have made these videos not only informative and life changing... but also entertaining and interesting as well.

Just take a second and look over what you are going to receive with each power-packed video:

Video 01: Series Intro
In this video I will introduce you to the Twitter video series and give you a rundown and brief description of each of the videos.

Video 02: Twitter Defined
In video 02 I will try and explain the phenomenon known as twitter and how it is used for fun and business. We will cover some of the things to tackle prior to setting up a twitter account. Don't worry, it is completely painless and you'll thank me in the morning.

Video 03: Setting Up Our Twitter Account
In this video we will cover the steps involved in creating and setting up our Twitter account. Every strong house is built first on a strong foundation. This is the twitter foundation if you will. So don't miss this video.

Video 04: Creating Our Twitter Background Image
Break out the crayons & construction paper! In video 04 we will be using Photoshop to create our custom background image. If making your own Background image isn't your cup-o-tea, then we will also tell you where you can go... to get some already made background images.

Video 05: Adding the Custom Image to Your Twitter Background
Now that you have your background masterpiece, it is time to show the world - at least the twitter world. In video 05 we will configure, upload and setup your newly created Background image.

Video 06: How To Get Tweeps (Followers)
Build it and they will come... Well not quite! But it is easy to go get them. In video 06 we are going to cover several proven methods to get the masses to beat a path to your twitter page. Did I mention this is going to be FUN?

Video 07: Take Twitter for a Spin
In Video 07 we will put the rubber to the road and start using Twitter. We will read and reply to some tweets. We will also mention for those who care... A little about twitter etiquette.

Video 08: Twitter Tools
In video 08 we are going to introduce you to several Twitter tools or applications that are springing up left and right. These tools will help you connect to, build up and keep track of all things Twitter.

Video 09: How To Combine Emailing & Twitter
This video will introduce you too & show you how to use the new Aweber function that integrates your email broadcasts with your twitter tweets.

Video 10: How To Combine Blogging & Twitter
Video 10 will show you a couple of ways to increase the readership of your blog or blogs, as well as assist you in the creative blog writing department. While at the same time these techniques will enhance your 'street cred' on Twitter.

Video 11: Telecommute With Twitter
Video 11 will teach you methods you can easily put into place to create and maintain your very own virtual workforce with the help of Twitter. Easy - Fun - FREE!

Video 12: Twitter Traffic Tips & Techniques
In video 12 you will learn a few easily overlooked techniques to turn your twitter tweets into a flood of traffic to your web pages and blogs.

Video 13: Twitter Fun Time
In this video you will learn a dirty little secret. Twitter can also be used for just plain old fun! Yea can you imagine? Learn how to talk to a cow or a bridge - Yes you read correctly. These and many more fun and quirky things you can do with Twitter.

Video 14: How To Make Money With Twitter
In this video you will learn a few ways to monetize your Twitter account - But more importantly, how NOT to monetize your Twitter.

As you can see, with 14 videos and a few simple step-by-step instructions you are going to be able to pull in massive amounts of traffic, get the exposure you crave and skyrocket your profits.

You can spend months trying to discover the secrets I am willing to expose in this 14-part video series. You could waste all your money trying to market your product with ads or pay-per-click....

OR you can discover the power of Twitter and take your business to the next level RIGHT NOW!

Course # 4
Google Traffic Pump

Google Traffic PumpHow To Pump Laser Targeted Leads and Massive Inbound Links To Any Website Using FREE Google Tools!

The Google Traffic Pump System provides its users with some little-known shortcuts and tricks that can help bring you a new stream of traffic to your web site.

The Google Traffic Pump System combines a few existing sources of traffic with a realistic step-by-step explanation followed by real videos that demonstrate how to use these sources of traffic to actually make money.

Inside the course you'll:

  • Discover how to use FREE Google tools to quickly generate highly targeted leads!
  • Learn how to drive UNLIMITED targeted traffic to any web site in any niche!
  • Stop paying thousands on advertising when there's a deceptively simple system that can send free targeted leads in any niche!

Here's a list of the videos included in this series:

Video 1 - Keyword Research Made Easy

Video 2 - Formatting Traffic Pumping Questions

Video 3 - How To Setup A Gmail Account

Video 4 - How To Setup Your Google Alerts

Video 5 - Pump Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site

Click Here to get access to all of the videos in the Google Traffic Pump series and all of the other video series on this page when you subscribe to the Video Training Library today.

Course # 5
Online Traffic Blueprint

If You’re Not Making AT LEAST $5,000 Each Month from FREE Traffic... Then This Will Be The Most Important Information You Ever Read!

I am about to expose a secret that will change the way you look at Internet Marketing forever...

Of course, if you aren’t making the amount of money that you deserve... then I am sure that this isn’t that The Online Traffic Blueprinthard to believe!

But it IS true!

  • All those old and tired methods are useless...
  • All those so-called secrets and strategies don’t get real results...
  • And everything that you have been doing to drive traffic to your web site has been a BIG waste of time!

Don’t Worry! There is something that you can do... there is a way to stop working harder and start working smarter.

But before I tell you about the method that I use attract hundreds of new customers and thousands of dollars with ease – I want you to understand something very important.

It’s Not Your Fault!

I have been exactly where you are now... working hard without any real results, using methods that just didn’t seem to work.

In fact, I spent YEARS building web site after web site. I went into debt buying pay-per-click advertising and so-called traffic-building eBooks... and NOTHING seemed to help.

I felt like I was just spinning my wheels and getting NOWHERE. It wasn’t until I STOPPED USING those old school traffic generation methods and started using an easier, simpler strategy that I saw any real results.

Old-School Traffic Generation Methods DON’T WORK!

In a manner of speaking that is. Many people that go into Internet Marketing and make the mistake of thinking that this is a business that operates differently from the brick and mortar offline business. That is your biggest mistake.

If you are trying to do things differently than a business down the street from your house, then you are going about it the wrong way, and THAT is why you are not succeeding.

Any business big or small can not turn a profit without traffic. If the doors aren’t opening, no money is being made. And if people aren’t coming to your web site, you aren’t selling anything to anybody.

But you already know this don’t you? Because the doors to your web site have been very, very quiet, haven’t they?

No Traffic = No Money... Plain and Simple

I almost gave up on Internet Marketing before I discovered the traffic secrets that changed my business and my life forever.

I wasn’t making any money, I wasn’t getting anywhere and I just thought I was doomed to fail.

You might be going through the exact same thing right now... but I can tell you from personal experience that you don’t need to quityou just need to uncover the traffic strategy that will allow you to tap into your own success.

And right now I am here to show you just how to pick yourself out of this profit rut, and start making some money off your web sites.

How? It’s all in the traffic.

You already know that if you could just get MORE traffic and the RIGHT traffic to your web site that you will be able to pull the profits you deserve.

But you also know just how complicated that can be.

But I have to tell you... it’s not as complicated as you think. In fact, once you tap into the true secrets of driving targeted traffic, your profits will begin to explode!

I’ll Say It Again— No Traffic = No Money

Think of it this way with my little equation.

  • More traffic equals money
  • More targeted traffic = more money
  • Long-term targeted traffic = new car and luxury vacation

I know what you are thinking. Generating traffic is the key, but generating traffic is NOT easy.

If you are thinking like this, you need to give up that thought right NOW.

Going into business self-doubting yourself before you even begin will be your BIGGEST downfall. Because if you have been looking for a way to generate traffic that is easy, fast, and a sure thing, then you have FINALLY stumbled across the right page.

Because that is EXACTLY what I am going to do for you. I’m going to help you not just get more traffic, not just get more targeted traffic, but help you attain long term targeted traffic so that you can get that new car and luxury vacation you dreamed of when you first started your online work.

How am I going to do that?

I’m so glad you asked.

A Step by Step Video Course Designed ONLY with Traffic Generation in Mind!

That’s right! If you are feeling like you don’t know where to start when it comes to generating traffic, then my course is perfect for you. If you even know a few things about traffic generation and Internet Marketing then my course is perfect for you.


Because this course unlocks ALL of the secrets to targeted traffic generation, and even the seasoned Internet Marketers are learning from this program.

Whether you are just starting out and don’t know where to begin, or want to pick up 2, or 3, or more secrets of the trade, this course is designed with YOU the Internet Marketer at ANY stage in mind!

Discover Techniques That Will Send you Thousands of Targeted Hits in a SINGLE DAY

That’s right! My program offers you a step by step plan to mapping out your traffic strategies. And you aren’t going to just get 1 or 2 video lessons. No, not even 4 or 5. NO.

This course is designed to take you from beginning to end of long-term targeted traffic generation.

I will not get you started and then leave you hanging, I will not let you go until you have learned EVERY SECRET that there is to know about long term targeted traffic generation. Which is why I am offering a 12 Part Series in my 90 minute video course called The Online Traffic Blueprint®.

The Online Traffic Blueprint


And these videos will take you through the steps of creating long-term laser targeted traffic to your sale pages, web sites, blogs, or wherever you want them to go.

These secrets will work for the newbie AND the Veteran Marketer!

Here’s What You’ll Find in MY Course:

1. Introduction

2. Effective List Building Techniques – The Money Is In The List!

3. Instant Sales Force - How to use Affiliate Armies to Sell FOR YOU!

4. What is Web 2.0 and Why Aren’t You Taking Advantage of it?

5. Using Video Marketing to achieve impressive results!

6. How to market using Article Marketing – even if you’ve never written a WORD.

7. The RIGHT way to Build EFFECTIVE Links

8. How to use Forums, Blogs, and Google Groups to Generate Targeted Traffic

9. The Power of a Press Release and How to Harness It

10. Ezine Advertising

11. PPC Advertising – How to do it the RIGHT Way

12. How to Advertise Effectively Offline


Watch. Learn. Earn.

It really is that easy!

Remember, this video course is an experience that will lead you laser targeted traffic and the potential to make thousands from these top secret techniques. Join the Video Training Library today and get access to the entire course right now by clicking here!

Course # 6
How to Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP

How to Create Web Graphics Using GIMPHow would you like to create your own beautiful web 2.0 graphics, icons and buttons - and do all these in just minutes?

Even though you have no previous experience or have never created a piece of JPEG in your life, as long as you can point and click, I guarantee you too will be able to produce professional web design pieces after going through my video tutorials.

I am going to keep this short and snappy so here goes...

I have compiled and released a series of 7 videos - each spanning no more than a few minutes - on how to setup a free software called GNU Image Manipulation Program (or GIMP) - and learn how to:

  • Make Web 2.0 shiny buttons using GIMP
  • Create image reflections and shadows
  • Create Web 2.0-style text logos with shadow reflection
  • Create awesome web 2.0 striped style header
  • And Much More...!

"Announcing The Step-By-Step Videos To Creating Your Own Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP..."

Here's a break down on what you will learn in this video series...

Video #1: How to Download and Install GIMP

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software that is like a scaled down version of Adobe Photoshop, yet of course it's easy to use. You'll be shown where to download GIMP and how to install it.

Video #2: Understanding GIMP's Features and Tools

Just like any software, knowing and understanding the features you will be using in the future videos is a must, so you save time trying to figure them out later.

Video #3: How to Make Web 2.0 Shiny Buttons Using GIMP

It's the new trend of graphics, graphics that come to life. So, every wonder how people make those shiny buttons that come to life? We'll you'll learn just that in this video.

Video #4: How to Create Image Reflections and Shadows Using GIMP

Have you noticed how companies create ecovers and screenshots and they have cool reflections and shadows that make them look like you're staring at the real thing? In this video, you'll learn how easy it is to actually take any picture and create a reflection and shadow with this free tool, GIMP.

Video #5: How to Create a Shiny Badge Using GIMP

You've seen those shiny badges people use on their sales pages that announce special sales. Creating badges in GIMP is very straightforward. You'll learn how to manipulate the shapes GIMP gives you to create a professional shiny looking badge so you can start adding them to your sales pages like the professionals.

Video #6: How to Create a Web 2.0 Text Logo with a Reflection Using GIMP

By now, you've probably realized that when people say Web 2.0 graphics, what they mean is new style or new look graphics are being given. Well, long long ago, text logos looked bland and normally were made up one purely one color, no gradients and no shiny look. In this video, you'll learn how to give your text logos a cool shiny gradient look, as well as a reflection. This is something many designers create nowadays.

Video #7: How to Create a Cool Web 2.0 Striped Style Header Using GIMP

Don't know how to draw and don't have a sense of creativity? Don't worry, we'll take everything you've learned so far and create an eye catchy Web 2.0 header that has stripes. You can use these headers on the top of your sales pages, or even any other landing pages.

"Learn How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics
Using GIMP"

Finally you can learn how to create your own web 2.0 graphics using what is already available on the Internet. And you don't have to go back to school or take up a special course just to keep up with the rest of the graphic designers in training.  Click Here and get access to this video course now.

Course # 7
Photoshop Mini-Sites for Beginners

"Learn How To Create Your Own 100% Original Mini Site Designs From Scratch - In Just Minutes... Using Adobe Photoshop!"

Photoshop Mini-Sites for BeginnersHow would you like to be able to create your own professional mini sites in just minutes starting from now... even if you have absolutely no prior graphic design experience, or have failed art class before?

And how would you like to spawn your own countless mini site designs instead of paying a hefty fee of $97 - 197 per mini site package to other designers?

Or better still... acquire the skills to charge other busy webmasters and kick start your online career as a freelancer?

I'm not going to dive into a long sales pitch but I trust you probably know that designing your own graphics is NOT necessarily easy. Depending on how fast you learn, it can take weeks - sometimes even months - to get this new skill down pat.

You might be a busy Internet Business owner on a budget and prefer to do everything yourself at the moment.

Or you're prospecting the opportunities of earning a part-time income as a freelancer but you're not equipped with any skills to make your own dough just yet.

But if you believe in learning through seeing is the best and fastest form of education then you're going to be in for a breakthrough. Because finally, you don't have to spend painful weeks - or even months - learning by trial and error

(By the way, don't you agree that guessing isn't so smart?)

"Announcing Photoshop Mini-Sites for Beginners...!"

Forget sacrificing sleepless nights staying up to learn the ropes of a new trade. In these step-by-step videos, I show you how to get your own mini site designed even in as early as under one day (or at the most, 2 days). As long as you follow my video tutorials religiously, you will break the steep learning curve almost instantly and have your first mini site designed by tomorrow.

  • Even if you have not used Adobe Photoshop before.
  • And even if you have failed in Art classes.

In the Adobe Photoshop Mini-Sites for Beginners video series, you will learn how to Design Simple Yet Professional Looking Mini Sites Using Adobe Photoshop even if you aren't good at art creation!

Here are the videos included inside this series:

Video #1: Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool only because you can do so much with it, however for in this video series, we're going to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, in this video you'll see an overview of the few tools and Adobe Photoshop features we will use. When you see this video, you'll see how you can do so much with so few features, but you'll learn how to use them in depth in the future videos.

Video #2: Importance of Royalty Free Images and How to Find Them

When you create your own mini-sites, you'll need to have access to professional photography to make your designs look great for whatever subject matter. Well, in this video, you'll learn the importance of using Royalty free images and how you can find them to fulfill your needs.

Video #3: How to Use the Adobe Lasso and Crop Tool

The Adobe Photoshop lasso and crop tools are the tools that you'll use to take people and objects out of regular pictures and put into your mini-site designs. I'm sure you've seen headers with people or objects in them right? We'll that's where the lasso tool and crop tools come into play. So you'll learn what they can do for you, but most importantly how to use them correctly.

Video #4: How to Work with Layers to Make Art Creation Easier

Layers are the big secret to making photos come to life. In Photoshop you can take several photos and merge them together to make it looks like it's one picture. At the same time, layers will make your life as a mini-site creator so much easier, you'll save lots of time. In this video, you'll learn how to use layers to your advantage.

Video #5:  How to Understand the Art of Balancing Your Designs

Do you remember looking at a picture and saying to yourself, nice picture, it's looks right. Or maybe you thought, "that picture doesn't look right". We'll this is when balancing your designs comes into play. If you learn how to balance your headers, footers, e-covers, and more correctly you'll learn how to make your mini-sites look right when people look at them.

Video #6: How to Create a Minisite Header

Here's the fun part. You were shown videos 1-5 for a reason, that is, to help you understand the basic fundamental concepts before you got started creating the actual designs. The best part, is that you can take videos 1-5 and apply them to other things besides just mini-sites! So with that said in this video, you'll learn how to create a professional mini-site header using the tools Adobe Photoshop and what you learned earlier.

Video #7:  How to Create a Minisite E-Book, DVD, E-cover

Just as it says, you'll learn how to take the header you designed in the previous video and create an e-book or DVD e-cover. You see, creating the header first allows you to understand how to easily transfer the designs to the e-cover and balance it out.

Video #8: How to Create a Mini-Site Background and Footer

Lastly, you'll learn how to create the final touches of the mini-site, which is the background and the footer. These two are very easy to create, because you can use your learning experience from videos 6 and 7 to transfer those ideas to video 8.

Now Just Imagine:

  • How much money you save from hiring other expensive graphic designers to do up every one of your mini sites,
  • How much money you can also make from charging other busy Internet Entrepreneurs - if
    you get 10 clients a month (conservatively speaking) and charge each $97—$197, you make $970
    to $1,970 a month... just doing up their mini sites (and they have little idea how easy it is actually)!
  • You don't have to go back to college just to learn everything included in this series at a cost of a college loan not to mention all of the time required in class...

Finally you can learn how to create your own mini sites - and produce UNLIMITED numbers of them - each taking up no more than a few mere minutes of your time.

Save money from hiring expensive designers... and be the one wearing the hat of a professional freelance designer!

Click Here and join the Video Training Library right now!

Course # 8
Selling on eBay for Beginners

Whether You Want To Get Rid Of Something In The Basement, Start A Serious Business Or Even Sell Digital Products (Yes, Even After That 'New Rule')... Learn The Insider Video Secrets Of Raking Cash And Generate Hundreds Of Visitors To Your eBay Store!

Selling on eBay for BeginnersHow would you like to make a healthy income from the Internet's largest auction platform... starting today?

Whether you're planning to a run a serious drop-shipping business or merely want to get rid of those old stuff in your basement or garage, I can show you how to turn them into cash.

It's only a matter of knowing HOW.

But before I continue, let's talk about... WHY, first.

"TO THE UNINITIATED ONLY: What The Heck Is eBay, And Why Sell Stuff There?"

If you already know what eBay is then feel free to skip this and scroll down... but I still recommend you read every line because you'll find out that a lot ordinary individuals like you and me are in actual fact...

Making an EXTRAORDINARY income just from eBay alone!

That's right. Did you also know that:

•As of Year 2007 alone, eBay has generated a revenue of US$7.67 Billion! [Source:]

• People spend more time on eBay than any other online site, making it the most popular shopping destination on the Internet. [Source:]

"Does Everyone Have An Equal Chance
To Make Money On eBay?"

Now here's the problem: ANYONE can make big bucks on eBay. But NOT everyone will.

You see, eBay boasts easily more than 100 million users and new items are being sold on the same platform every day. Around the clock. Know what this means?


You're competing with millions of other sellers on the same platform for your customer's attention. Okay fair enough that everyone is selling a different thing altogether, and you cannot compare used electronics to collectibles.

But can you still compete with at least few hundred other sellers who are selling similar items as you are? (and this is just conservatively speaking)

What about:

  • How to drive in targeted traffic to your eBay store web pages?
  • How to get your potential customer's attention quickly... before your competitor does?
  • How to sell just about anything on eBay?

When I first experienced making my first sale on eBay, I was obviously thrilled. But that was after going through a lot of trial and error, a very costly one in fact.

Sure I was excited - and I went on to make more sales after that. But how many people can tolerate such risks before seeing their first sale?

"Selling on eBay For Beginners...

Introducing The Step-By-Step Videos For Online Newbies On How To Make A Profitable Income Just Selling Stuff Away On eBay!"

I have compiled a series of video tutorials to walk you - or anyone - through on how to first set up your account with eBay and later, discover the secrets to making huge profits and voluminous sales from the Internet's biggest auction site ever.

If you're anything like me at all, and you believe that complicated things should be made as simple as possible, then you'll like this.

Here's a break down on what you will learn in this video series:

Video #1 - Overview of Ebay, Rules, Creating an Account

In this video, I give you a basic overview of what Ebay is all about. It's important also that you understand what you can and can't sell on eBay, so that you protect yourself before you create your account, so we'll go over these basic rules. Then I'll show you how to create an account quickly and easily.

Video #2 - What You Need to Know Before You Start Selling [Research, Niches, etc]

Many sellers on Ebay make the big mistake of not doing their initial research before hopping onto the bandwagon and begin selling products.

A little while later, they begin to wonder why their item is not selling and why they spent hours putting the item up. So you'll learn how to research whether a product sells or not, which will save you time before you get started.

Video #3 - How to Create an eBay Ad that Sells

Want more bids? Of course you do. But to get more bids, there specific things you need to think about before you create your Ebay ad.

You'll be given a list of very important things you need to have before you create your Ebay ad, so you not only increase the bids you get, but the profits. We'll also create a real ebay ad, so you can see it in action.

Video #4 - Using Images and Videos to Increase your Sales

You've heard the phrase over and over again... A picture is worth a thousand words. Think about it. Picture yourself as a buyer. If you had the chance to see what you were buying, or even better a video of what you were buying, wouldn't help you understand what you were buying even better? Of course it would.

With that said, in this video, you'll learn how pictures and videos can increase your bid rate and your profits. Not only that, you'll learn how to take a video you took and upload it to YouTube; and how to add it to your Ebay ad description.

Video #5 - How to Get Away with Selling Digital Products

For many many years, people go on Ebay and sell files that you could download immediately after paying on Ebay, such as e-books, digital audio, websites, and more. However recently, Ebay banned the sale of items that could be downloaded immediately after the sale ended.

However, Ebay still allows e-books and digital products, however the distribution of them has changed. You'll learn how to continue to sell Digital Products the automated way and Ebay approves this.

Video #6 - Misspelled Keywords Method

So you're searching for a product on ebay, and you keep typing in the keyword and you can't find the product you're looking for. Most likely, you're misspelling the keyword as a buyer.

This happens to many people and guess what, you can take advantage of it as a seller! You'll learn how to implement this keywords method right into your Ebay marketing!

Video #7 - Wholesale Buying and Reselling

So you've probably gone on ebay and thought, "How in the world can these people offer these items at such a discount rate and still make money?"

Most likely these sellers or power sellers are still making good profits, but are buying their products and super discount rates in wholesale prices. To buy "true" wholesale, you have to be a real business, but by doing so you deal with "true" wholesalers.

You'll learn about a company that can connect you with "true" product sourcing companies to get items and super discount rates to beat your competition.

"Years Of Trial And Error, And Formula To eBay Riches Now Distilled Into Just Minutes!"

That's right. Which one would you prefer? Learn the old-fashioned, hard way (which I took initially) OR shortcut your learning curve and discover what makes an eBay Powerseller ticks?

With my video tutorials, you no longer have to crawl over broken glass just to figure out how and why only a small fraction of the millions of users from around the world are making a handsome income off eBay.

Take the next step and start cashing-in on eBay yourself! Click Here and gain access to this course and the entire Video Training Library now!

Course # 9
The PC Speed Up System Course

10 Year Computer Veteran Reveals How To Do Exactly What The Computer Stores Do To Your Computers...

Save a Couple Hundred Bucks And Protect and Speed Up Your Own Computer Today...!

  • Is your computer slower than it used to be?
  • When you use your Internet Browser, do you get tons of popups?
  • Is your Browser being hijacked constantly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to read on.  Computers have an effect on everyone, and this is “need to know” information for everyone.

If you think your computer is protected, then think again... Most people only have an AntiVirus software, and they think that's all they need... then they wonder why their computer is still slow...!

In fact, did you know that there is a lot more security attackers besides viruses.  Some of them are running on your computer right now, without you even knowing it.  There could be spyware, malware, trojans, and lot of other things on your computer right now that are slowing it down.

Now, you may have taken your computer to a computer repair store or you may know someone that has.  Your costs generally run anywhere from $50-200 and guess what?  They're likely doing basic stuff to your computer.

PC Speed Up SystemBut what if you could learn the basics to protect yourself today?

Introducing the PC Speed Up System Video Series...

With PC Speed Up System, you will learn from an experienced IT veteran and former programmer who has fixed computers since he was in high school.    If you take your computer any computer store, they will likely take the same steps or even less in this video series.

So how can I protect my system?

I'll give you a free tip... The first step is to protect your system and by doing that, it can really speed things up.  So there are several softwares, many which are free that you will see in this video series. There are other steps on the basic level to speed your computer up.

In this video series, you will have access to 6 content packed videos that show you how to really take charge of protecting and speeding up your computer.

Video 1 - Introduction

You'll get an introduction of your computer, how viruses and malware can affect it, and the basic understanding that is necessary before we move onto the rest of the video series. We'll also talk about different types of security attacks so you know what to expect.  It's better to know what to expect than not know at all.

Video 2 - Spyware, Malware, Trojan Horses

Have you experienced unnecessary pop-ups that come out of nowhere when you are simply surfing the web?  Or has your Internet surfing experience slowed down to a crawl?  It's possible it is your connection, but if it used to be fast and now it's slow... the problem is likely to be spyware, malware, or some sort of trojan horse.  Now, while you don't need to know those technical terms, these types of security attacks, generally run behind the scenes on your computer, without appearing to you.  Their job is to spy on your, your important data, and what you type, and send it back to the hacker.  So while you can speed up your computer by removing them, you will also protect your personal data.

Video 3 - Antivirus and Firewalls

What about protecting from outside attacks?  ...and viruses?  Like I said earlier.  Most people have antivirus softwares, but a lot of people forget about a personal firewall.  Especially if you use wifi and you're computer is not protected by your router's firewall, how will you monitor people or programs trying to get onto your computer?  This is just the basics levels that everyone must protect themselves with.

Video 4 - Speeding it up:  How to speed Up Windows

If you've used or owned Windows Vista, you know that Vista uses a lot of RAM or memory because the design and way it was created.  However did you know that there are small tweaks you can make to Vista that will speed it up?  You'll learn just that in this video... apply these tricks to other versions of Windows too!

Video 5 - Speeding it up: Internet Browsers and Internet Cleaners

The type of Internet Browser you use can make a huge difference in how fast your computer can respond to the Internet.  We'll explore how using other types of browsers will allow you to have a faster surfing experience, and yet a more secure one.  Did you know that every time you visit the Internet, your computer saves all those pictures and data to your computer?  Eventually your computer becomes this huge wasteland of files you don't need.  Learn how to remove those unwanted files.

Video 6 - Speeding it up: Start Up Programs, Defragging, Buy More RAM

In this last video, we will explore more options for you to speed your computer up faster than ever...

You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all of these Computer Protection methods... and you get access to the entire series as part of your subscription to the Video Training Library!

Click Here to get started now.

Course # 10
HTML For Beginners

HTML for BeginnersAttention: Affiliate marketers, Internet marketing specialists, work at home professionals, small business owners and anyone else needing to create a web site or wanting to understand HTML...

If you've been looking for the ultimate HTML learning package...

“Here’s your chance to learn from
the BEST video tutorial series - one that turns newbies into expert web designers in record time!

  • No more paying others to do what you can do for yourself
  • No more reading boring eBooks or researching on Tech-Sites
  • No more trying to understand how to use HTML to make the most out of you web site
  • I’m going to show you everything you need to know for HTML success!
  • My entertaining video style will have you INSTANTLY soaking up these HTML nuggets of knowledge

Let’s face it: Learning HTML is essential if you have, or want to have a website!

Quite simply HTML is a must for anyone who plans to create or maintain their own website. It is also worth understanding for a wide range of applications beyond that as well. HTML is a great skill to have whether you need to learn how to create web page structure, colors, graphics, links, or embed images or videos.

I remember the days when I first started out with web design and creation ….I was excited to begin setting up my site and creating a real impact online ---- I was certain that I'd have all the things I need in place in no time at all ---- That is until I faced HTML! I felt like I was facing a mountainous challenge to learn how to use this unknown language.  I didn't know the difference between an HTML table and a kitchen table...

HTML had me at a complete loss!

I couldn't even imagine where to start…. After making an effort to implement a few basics I had some luck, but overall I was stumped! I tried to source instructions to master this 'foreign language'... Great idea until I saw that the whole thing was total “web design jargon.” The exercise was a waste of time and left me no more enlightened on how to use HTML.

What I wanted, just like you need now, was a straightforward and systematic explanation, or even better, a visual tutorial. I needed to be shown step-by-step exactly how I could progress through the process of creating a HTML site. Finally, following weeks of seeking a solution, I found the perfect answer. I had found a way to go from a total HTML beginner to an expert with HTML— Now I'd like to show you how you can do the same!

I’ll explain more about this tutorial to you in a minute, but first of all, let me introduce myself.

I can proudly say that now I'm a HTML expert, with many years of experience educating people from around the world on learning HTML with ease and clarity.

HTML is one of the most well known programming languages for quality sites. Uncover how to use the HTML programming language to enhance your web site's text, tables, backgrounds, graphics and more. With this tutorial series you take the necessary time to absorb all the information you need to construct your site. Unlike other boring and hard to understand programs that make it difficult to retain the information presented - The HTML For Beginners Video Tutorials makes understanding and implementing HTML a breeze.

For a large number of people the dilemma has been how to absorb lots of computer programming jargon….

Would a unique and fresh approach to learning HTML enhance your experience and increase your knowledge retention? Well what if I could provide you with just such an opportunity to learn precisely how to use HTML to create all the 'bells and whistles' you need on your site - with none of the jargon that's confused you in the past?

Dare I say - You might even think it is FUN!

How would you react if I told you that this all new, completely unique video tutorial designed by HTML experts and web design gurus could help you cut your learning time dramatically, allowing you to generate exceptional websites in no time at all?

You may think that learning quickly and easy via a visual medium simply sounds too good to be true... However, I believe that these video tutorials really can offer you the solution you've been searching for...

You’ll discover how to generate the highest quality web sites, being shown one step at a time how to produce, design and develop your very own site, using your knowledge of HTML to build a strong online presence…

The video tutorials are an excellent tool whether you’re new to HTML or an experienced web user looking to expand your knowledge base. With the unique format I’ve been telling you about, the learning process becomes simple. Once you uncover these essentials of HTML the creation of a vast range of professional, high quality web sites becomes second nature - allowing you to establish your online presence with speed and ease.

Learning to master the techniques of HTML is possible with these totally unique video tutorials:

  • Discover how to generate an attractive background for your website through a tutorial dedicated to this subject...
  • Easily manage the HTML code necessary to organize your website content into a well structured and aesthetically pleasing format...
  • Jazz up your website text by learning HTML shortcuts that will increase the speed and consistency of your text formatting process...
  • Learn how specialized Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will allow you to make on-site changes to efficiently design your web site...
  • Use graphics to the best advantage to entice readers and improve the overall appearance of your site...

All this and so much more will be covered in the HTML video tutorials!

Even if you don’t have any past experience with HTML, these video tutorials give you step-by-step instructions, teaching you all the tricks and solutions you need to be a HTML master. Not only will you be blown away by the skills you'll be learning, you'll be amazed at how easy these skills are to apply - it's just a matter of knowing how to utilize them.   

As you progress through the HTML For Beginners Video Series, you will find that this is truly the most comprehensive training tools for this programming language. Throughout the series I'll show you every step you need to take to implement all the elements for a truly sensational and user friendly web site.

Why are these tutorials so unique? Well we all learn things in our own way…. I understand this and I've made an easy to follow, visual program that offers all the learning tools you need - as well as showing you fantastic ways to succeed using the ever popular HTML code.

The HTML Video Tutorials contain information about building a site with HTML 'from the ground up.' This tutorial series is overflowing with techniques and methods that HTML experts use day to day to create fantastic looking web pages, well structured content and visually exciting sites... And now you have the same opportunity!

By progressing through the HTML Video Tutorials, you'll get unlimited access to methods that will enable you to fully utilize the many options, and features of HTML. Even more importantly, you'll be able to retain the information, so you can apply what you've learned more creatively!  

The HTML Video Tutorials are:

  • Easy to understand (even if you're an Internet newbie)
  • Fun to watch (and perfect for those who need more visual learning)

In as little as an hour’s time you'll progress from HTML newbie to web design expert; able to demonstrate your expertise to all your site visitors, plus your friends through your Internet 'smarts' and your skills with HTML!

It really doesn't get any easier!

Here’s a preview of the things you will learn from the HTML For Beginners Video Tutorials:

Video 01 -  An Introduction To HTML

The first video of the HTML Video series serves as an introduction to the HTML programming language. The HTML language is the key to how your browser interprets the code that  makes up a web page; understand HTML and you'll be on the way to creating your own fantastic website in no time!

Video 02 - The Basics

In video 02 of the HTML Video series, I uncover the basics of a web page. You'll learn how to understand the key elements of HTML and how easy these are to use to create your very first web page.

Video 03 - HTML Meta Tags

In Video 03 of the HTML series I'll explain the specifics of Meta Tags or Meta Elements. These are a great tool to enhance your web page in the eyes of the search engine crawlers; plus they're a crucial part of how your site is indexed by search engine bots.  This is a not to be missed video if you want to propel your site up the search engine ranks!

Videos 04 thru 06 - The Web Site Background

While watching these 3 videos, you'll learn the potential pitfalls when setting your background color. I'll also reveal a variety of methods to enhance your site's background, plus show you how to create a dynamic page background - all using HTML. (3 videos)

Video 07 - The Tables

Creating structure for your site is the focus in video 07 of the HTML Video series. Creating order out of chaos is the theme here - don't miss this if you are looking for extra ideas to make sure your site offers the best possible experience for your web page visitors.

Video 08 - The Text

In Video 08 of the HTML Video Series, I'll reveal how to make your all important website text leap off the page when your visitors arrive at your site. Your words don't need to be dry and lifeless - with the know-how you'll have after watching this video, you'll truly be able to inject some life and zest into your words and letters!

Video 09 - The Colors

Video 09 on HTML will really brighten up your day - revealing the many wonderful options to put a little color into your site. I'll explain how to understand HTML colors, as well as show you how to make them a part of your web site.

Video 10 - The Graphics

In this video in the HTML video series the technicalities of inserting graphics will be simplified for you. I'll reveal just what compression is, why you need to know about it and when to use JPEG or GIF images.

Video 11 - Web Design

In video 11 of the HTML series you'll be introduced to the ins and outs of web design. This lesson shows you all you need to know to ensure your page looks great and loads quickly, ensuring your site is more user friendly. These factors are crucial to keep viewers interested in your site - and I'll show you how to get these right.

Video 12 - CSS and SSI

Don't worry that I'm suddenly going to go all 'jargony' on you! In this video I simply cover exactly what Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Server Side Includes (SSI) are. These aren't complicated - but they are great little tools which will really help you to work smarter on you site.

Video 13 - Preparing To Go Live

Video 13 of the HTML Video Series starts to tie up the loose ends of your website. I'll explain what to look for when choosing a good hosting company for your site. You'll learn how hosting works, how to select a domain name (and even get some for free!) plus how to successfully upload and publish your site. This video is a must see!

Video 14 - Show Me The Money

The final video in the series covers how to make some extra cash from your site once you have it up and running. I'll reveal some excellent and some lesser known ways to make some cash from your website, draw masses of traffic and convert visitors into buyers!

Imagine how it would feel in as little as an hour or two from now, if you could be a virtual expert with HTML... It doesn't matter if you’re starting out for the first time using this computer language. Simply follow the user-friendly video tutorials to take the hard work out of learning.

This series of video tutorials truly take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the process of understanding HTML and using it with ease! 

Course # 11
Massive Web Traffic

Massive Web TrafficWe all know that you need a web site online to make money, but what many Internet Marketing newbies often forget is that you need a stream of people actually visiting your web site, reading your web pages in order to make any money online.

But how do I get traffic to my web site?

It doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, it’s really easy once you know a few tips and tricks that the pros use.


The Massive Web Traffic Video Series

In this exciting new video course you will learn how to harness the power of existing web sites that already receive thousands upon thousands of visitors a month and how to direct that traffic to any web site you choose... including your own!

Inside the Massive Web Traffic video series you will learn:

How to get traffic using Squidoo - Squidoo is a place to publish gorgeous web pages about all your favorite things (and even earn money from them). Explore our most popular topics and see who's writing about what. Making money online has never been more fun.

How to get traffic by Guest Blogging - it’s a simple yet effective way to get people to visit your web site. Learn how to send traffic to your site by blogging on other web sites.

How to get traffic using Press Releases - All of the major media companies across the world are already taking advantage of this tool to alert the masses any time they “release” a new show or product ... if they’re using this tool, shouldn’t you be using it too? This video will show you how to use the power of the “press” to get traffic to your site.

How to get traffic with StumbleUpon - StumbleUpon is the easiest way to find cool new web sites, videos, photos and images from across the Web. You tell them your interests and they recommend great web sites, photos and videos. It’s never been easier to get instant traffic to your web site by having your web site listed with StumbleUpon.

How to get traffic using Viral Reports - Would you believe that free viral reports created nearly five years ago are STILL to this day generating traffic to web sites? Yep, they're being passed around, sold, and downloaded on the Internet every single day - and each time it's generating targeted traffic. Use this little known marketing trick to send that traffic to YOUR web site.

How to get traffic with Yahoo! Answers - Yahoo Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer web site or a knowledge-base maintained by Yahoo! It allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.  This video will show you how to leverage the unique question and answers found on the web site to directly and indirectly send traffic to your web site.

How to get traffic using Forum Marketing - Getting traffic to your web site is as easy as pie when you use targeted forum marketing techniques.  This video will show you how to find forums and use them to direct laser-targeted traffic to your web site.

Course # 12
Easy Word Press 3

Begin Your Easy Web Site Building
NOW With WordPress 3!

Easy WordPress 3You may have tried other web site building tutorials and found that they were difficult to follow or worse, they were incomplete which left you with more questions than answers.

Imagine having your very own personal instructor by your side SHOWING you each and every step from Pre-site planning all the way to Post-site monetization and maintenance.

If you are a total novice at WordPress and web site building, this video course is for you.

If you are a seasoned online marketer but you are not yet familiar with version 3.x of WordPress, this video course is for you.

As More And More Videos Are
Added To This Growing Library…

You will learn…

  • Which plugins are used by the Top Marketers as well as how to install & configure them for their maximum potential.
  • How to maintain your WordPress 3.x web sites so they will operate hassle-free!
  • How to optimize your WordPress 3.x sites – A Well Oiled Machine Runs Best!
  • Many money making tips and techniques
  • Several tricks that will have seasoned bloggers wondering “how did you do that!”
  • And most importantly, various ways to promote & drive web traffic to your WordPress 3.x web site!

And There’s More…

Just look at some of the videos included with this series:

How to install WordPress 3.x

Themes – Intro & Install

Plugins – Intro & Install

Create Posts, Create Categories, Create Permalinks

Adding Images into your posts/pages

Embedding Videos into your posts/pages

Managing Comments

Plugins – Contact Form

How To Clone Your WordPress Site

And Many More!

Every one of these WordPress 3.x video guides were created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you’ll never feel like you’re listening to a rambling bunch of geek-speak.

These WordPress 3.x video tutorials will show you step-by-step all the basics as well as the shortcuts.

Click Here to get access to all of the videos in the Google Traffic Pump series and all of the other video series on this page when you subscribe to the Video Training Library today.

Course # 13
Online Copywriting Pro

Become Your Own Instant Expert At Writing Master Pieces That Sell... And Convert Twice Or Triple As Many Customers!

Online Copywriting ProHow would you like to crank out your own profit-pulling letters that sell and do it within hours instead of days, weeks or even months?

Direct Response Sales Copies are FAR from dead, contrary to what many people might have you believed.

You see, back in the 1960's many people speculated that magazines and newsletters will phase out when the television was newly introduced.

Hey, we're in the 2000's now and what do you think?

Do people still read magazines? YEP.

Is Direct Response Marketing a thriving business? MORE THAN EVER.

On the other hand, how many people walk off and buy something after watching an ad on TV now?


"Direct Response Sales Copies WIN...
Hands Down."

If you remember the last time you bought a product you probably were convinced by a sales letter before making your purchase - and I rest my case on that.

As a matter of fact, most marketing experts are making their millions online selling more volumes of their products which otherwise couldn't have been achieved without the aid of a better written copy.

Sales copies act like your personal sales man, only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... Pretty much like what you're reading right now, so you know I'm walking my talk.

"This Is The Reason Why Top Gun Copywriters
Are Paid Big Bucks..."

But the problem is that whatever these copywriting masters are charging, it's beyond the budget of many frugal and starting Internet Marketers.

Chances are, you're one of them.

And if you are selling anything online - and I mean ANYTHING - having a sales copy or not is like LIFE and DEATH for your business.

Can you afford NOT to get at least a decent sales copy? This might just cost you more than getting a professional expert to write on your behalf.

This sends most new marketers on a budget to an edge where they can only decide between the worse and worst.

Think about it:

  • If you don't have a sales letter that converts, you will only waste your traffic generation efforts,
  • Even if you spend big bucks to line up the pockets of an expert copywriter, that usually means a longer time before you can even cover your investment back, and
  • Now this may come as a shocking truth - but there is no guarantee even if you engage an expert copywriter. What if your offer isn't compelling enough? No one else knows your product better than you do unless the copywriter takes your business as serious as his own.

But is a few grand worth the risk?

"But What If I Tell You That..."

You can actually become a pro copywriter as well?

NO, you don't need special qualifications to do this. As long as you can type with the keyboard, you stand as much chance producing your own profit-pulling sales letters.

And see your conversion rates soar through the roof!

... And repeat the same step for every product you are selling online - over and over again.

It doesn't matter whether you are selling your own digital product, physical product, or merely an affiliate for someone else...

Finally you can outgun your competitors, bring in twice or Triple as many sales, increase your conversion results by as much as 50% - 300% from your visitors...

... And not be at the mercy of expensive copywriters!

"Introducing The Step-By-Step Videos To Becoming An Online Copywriting Pro..."

Here's a break down on what you will learn in this video series:

Video #1: Introduction to Becoming an Online Copywriting Pro and Tools You'll Need

If you are going to run a successful business, you must know how to sell. In the offline world, you need to have good salesmanship or leverage on a team of trained sales people if you want to see money rolling into your company's bank book.

Fortunately online, even if don't have those qualities, but as long as you know how to sell in print, you can rake up an INFINITE amount of sales letters that act as your 24/7 'online' salesperson.

In this video, you will learn the required skills you need to write high converting sales copy. You will also be shown free and low-cost tools that can get the job done.

Video #2: Identifying your Prospect

There are a few important questions that you must answer and begin to brainstorm before you write your sales letter/ Knowing who you are selling to, who your prospects are, how they think, what makes them take action... these are crucial factors to copy success because this way you know the problems they face, and the solutions they want, which they'll buy.

That's exactly what you'll learn in this video. You'll also learn how to address your prospects in your sales letters and how to make your sales letter be exciting to read.

Video #3: Sales letter Format: Layout, Fonts, Width of Letter, Coloring

Words sell. But the way you format and present your sales letter can dramatically affect your conversion rates. Who wants to read a sales letter that isn't readable or doesn't create an exciting environment?

In this video, you'll learn how to create a compelling layout, how to use certain type of fonts to make your sales letter easily read, the ideal width of letter, and the coloring.

Video #4: Sales Letter Format: Long Letter vs. Short Letter - Which is Better? Using Links Correctly

So here's the big debate: Long letter vs. short letter... which one converts better?

Some say it's the long sales letter and some say short sales letter Whatever your preference, it all boils down tests and conversions. Which actually converts better from people who have done tests? We've taken the expert case studies of actual sales letters to show you why a certain sales letter type will help you not only convert well, but have future backend conversions. You'll also learn how to use links correctly on your sales page.

Video #5: Writing Your Sales letter - Top Area: Headline, Sub-headline, Addressing the Prospect, Introduction

The sales letter writing has been split up into three parts, for videos 5-7. In this video, you'll learn about the top area, which is the first thing your prospect will see. There are different types of headlines, and you'll learn how to combine several of them to create an attractive and exciting headlines that hits on your prospects true needs and wants! The sub headline helps add to the headline, and you'll learn how to do just that. How should you address your prospect and start the introduction of your sales letter? Often, the introduction is the hard part, because you don't know how to start off with a bang. This video will show you methods that expert copywriters use to jump start your sales letter.

Video #6: Writing Your Sales letter - Middle Area: Announcing Your Product Or Service Solution, Benefits and Features

Now, we've gotten into the middle area of your sales letter It's time to announce the solution to your prospect's problems, which is your product or service. But then your customers will begin to ask questions such as, "How does your product or service Benefit me?". You'll learn the importance of using all these three items, and how to go about actually listing your benefits and some of the most common benefits that will strike your prospect's wants and needs.

Video #7: Writing Your Sales Letter - Bottom Area: Endorsements / Testimonials, Proof, Bonus, Guarantee, Call to Action, P.S Areas

Most of these items are located at the bottom of your sales letter with exception of some testimonials and proofs. The nice things about these items are they help increase your conversion rates of your sales letter Think about it. If you came to a sales letter and there were many true testimonials on the page with people that were saying good things about a product and they had the same needs as you... wouldn't you become interested? Of course you would. You will learn how to use these items and apply them to your own sales copy so that you can increase your conversions.

Video #8: Real Life Example - We'll Take What We Learned Above and Apply It To A Real Life Sales Letter

What better way than to take what you learned above, and actually go to real life sales letters to begin to understand how they all piece together? Did you know that by doing this to other sales letters, you will eventually start writing better sales copy? You will be able to take your previous Online Copywriting Pro sales copy training and put it into action; which will stick in your mind forever.

Video #9: How to Use Google's Website Optimizer Feature...For Split Testing Your Conversions

What's the point of learning how to write sales copy, without testing your actual conversions? Many business owners make the mistake of writing sales copy and wondering why it's not converting at all. Did you know just a few keywords in your original sales letter, if changed could increase your conversions higher? The best way to increase your sales is by doing this. But the question is what split testing software should you use? You're in luck, because Google's Web Site Optimizer is free and best of all, you can get lots of tracking reports that will reveal your true sales copy conversions. You will learn how to correctly use this tool and apply it to your sales copy.

Finally, you can now save thousands from hiring your own top gun copywriter! Instead, I will show you HOW to churn out your own profit-raking sales letters in just hours instead of days or even weeks!

I show you every single step to crafting your own sales master piece, formula to making sales, and techniques to increase your conversion rates.

Click Here to get access to the Video Training Library NOW and watch this exciting video series.

Course # 14
Responsive Email Marketing Tutorials

Your Email Promotions Are Competing with Tens of Other Emails, All Fighting for Your Customer's Attention. Are You Sure Yours Is Going to Win?

How many sales do you usually make every time you send an email to your opt-in list?

Responsive Email Marketing TutorialsNow remembering that number, how would you like to learn an easy method to double or even triple it?

Because in the next 3 minutes, you are going to find out something shocking to help you make your emails so responsive that you never had seen before.

But first, let's see this important news...

Your Customer's Inbox Today:
 "36 New Emails..."

How to Make YOUR Email the #1 Winner

This is a fact. Your potential customers are receiving more and more promotional emails from your competition every day.

This makes their inbox crowded and leaves little room for YOUR email to capture their attention as much as you want to make lots of sales.

Let's imagine this...

Your customer wakes up in the morning and opens up his email... only to see 36 new unread emails to check out, and your email being just one of the 36 others.

Do you really think your email is going receive the full attention it deserves?

Wouldn't you like to find out a way to boost the power of your email to get double or even triple open rate and sales?

Did You Know? Responsive Email Marketing Is the #1 Easiest Way to Boost Your Sales...

Yes, this is a simple secret that most amateur email marketers miss. So they waste their time trying to grow their list bigger and bigger - thinking it is the only way to increase their sales.

But the truth is, you can much more easily double your sales by writing a more responsive email rather than trying to double your number of subscribers.

Let's do the simple math here...

You can have a list of 5,000 subscribers and make 50 sales at $30 each from your email promotion to make a profit of $1,500...

So to double your profits, you can either try hard to double your list to 10,000 subscribers in several months...

Or you can simply double your email effectiveness and double your sales from the same number of subscribers - making 100 sales from your list.

So you see how it's much easier and more effective to easily make your email convert more instead of trying to double your list?

Well, the good news is, this is just what you're going to discover here today...

"Introducing The Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Writing Your Own Response-Pulling Emails..."

Here's a break down on what you will learn in this video series:

1. Why Writing Responsive Emails Determines Your List Success

Did you know that "how" you write your promotional or content based emails is a large determining factor as to whether someone takes the necessary action to click a link or buy a product? In this video, you'll get a brief introduction of this video series, but most importantly the main concept as to how you can create a responsive email list.

2. Brainstorming

There are several basic concepts you need to understand before you get started with writing your emails. You'll also learn what tools you must have, and how to understand the purpose of writing your emails beforehand. Brainstorming is one step most people tend to skip and by not planning ahead, you will decrease the conversion rate of your emails. So in this video, you'll learn how to brainstorm and plan ahead.

3. Different types of Promo Emails You Can Write

There is more than just one way way to write a promotional email. Did you know that when you know what type of email you are about to write ahead of time, you can write it a certain way to allow you to write easy to read and exciting emails? In this video, you'll be shown several examples of real life and tested emails, so that you can get a better understanding of how you can write them yourself.

4. Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Promo Emails

Most people tell you what you should do, but what about what you should NOT do? In this video, you'll be given a list of things you should avoid doing and of course, things you should not forget to do. By making these mistakes, they can often prevent your subscribers from taking the necessary action. This is taken from real life experience, so you can avoid the same mistakes we made.

5. Importance Of A Good Email Subject Line

The email subject line can often determine whether your subscriber will click the Delete, Spam, or Open button. Just like the beginning or heading of a sales page, you need to ensure that you have a good email subject line that creates curiosity. So you're goal is to get them to open the email, so your email body can do the job of getting them to take the certain action that you require. You will be shown how you can write good subject lines, and several examples of proven subject lines that can grab attention.

6. How to Format your Emails For Easier Reading

Writing copy is only half of the requirements. People do judge a book by it's cover, unfortunately. In this case, if your emails are not formatted correctly and it's hard to read, then you can forget about your subscribers reading your email. You'll be pointed to a free email formatting tool that you can use to make your emails look nicer.

7. Importance Of A Good Email Body

Once you've created a good subject line, and formatted your emails, your subscribers will hit your email body copy. This is the next step before getting your readers to take the necessary action. So writing good email body copy that incites curiosity and interest is important. You'll learn tips on getting your email read and understand how people will often respond to your writing style.

8. How To Get Your Readers To Take Action

Great, now you've created an email that has got your subscribers attentions. But now you got to get them to take a specific action, whether it is to click a link, email you back, or whatever. You'll learn a few techniques on how to do this on also how to write the P.S., which is generally sums up your emails. The P.S. area is where a subscriber's eyes tend to go to, especially when they are scanning the email.

Can you imagine right now how many more sales you can generate every single time you push the "Send" button this way?

No one will tell you if your email promotion sucks. Your subscribers will just laugh at it, ignore it, or even leave your list.

So how are you going to find out how to improve your emails and make them double more responsive? Watch these videos now to find out!  Click Here to gain access now!

Course # 15
Outsource Your Traffic Department

Discover The Secrets To Generating Everlasting
Sources Of Traffic Of Targeted, Hungry Buyers To Your Web Sites Like There's No Off Switch - It's As Easy As Plug-N-Play But Only If You Know How To!

Outsource Your Traffic DepartmentTraffic. Traffic. Traffic.

That's the one word you always hear from almost anyone who is an Internet Marketer when you ask a question along the lines of:

  • "I've already built my website and my product is ready. What should I do next?" (Answer: Get traffic.)
  • "How do I get my product or service noticed by other people?" (Answer: Get traffic.)
  • "If I have to do one important thing every day to grow my business, what should it be?"
    (Answer: Get traffic!)

Sense a pattern?

"But Here's Truly Where The Problem Lies Within This 'Generalized' Solution."

You see, most people who enter business online are usually on a tight budget. Agree?

While the benefits of starting a 'virtual' type of business is almost unlimited and its profit potential can be enormous - as you can see from how much the Internet Marketing gurus are making every day, year in and year out - the problem is that most people are often doing this business...


Here's the thing: driving traffic to your website is a necessary daily operation. It's something you have to do every day if you want to grow your business.

And if you know anything about smart business delegation, then surely you know that anything that can be done every day is now worth outsourcing to someone else to do it, right?

Maybe you've not thought of it before.

Or maybe you did... but your tight budget doesn't allow room for outsourcing.

Perhaps outsourcing is risky (and yes it can be... if you don't know anything about it!)

"Introducing Your Next Breakthrough In Traffic Generation - Outsource Your Traffic Department!"

Generating targeted traffic to your websites is a must, but who says you have to do it all by yourself?

In these video series, you will unearth the jealously guarded secrets that most Internet Marketing top guns are fighting to keep it just that: a secret.

Discover how you can leverage your traffic generation efforts on other people's effort, other people's website and take advantage of the Web 2.0 phenomenon to...

  • Boost your website traffic into OVERDRIVE mode!
  • Explode your sales volumes by leaps and bounds!
  • Grow your business exponentially!
  • And do it all with less effort!

Now introducing what you will learn in my video series:

Video #1: Introduction and Brainstorming

There many types of traffic that you can outsource, but before you jump out and start investing in all the different types of traffic you're about to see in this video series, it's very important to figure out what traffic types would most benefit your business. In this video, you'll learn how to brainstorm before you invest to much and dig yourself into a deep hole and what we'll be talking about in the future videos.

Video #2: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a powerful way to promote a website because these types of sites allow people to share valuable sites they have found with people of the same niche; in this case your niche. Now it can become very tedious and time consuming to submit to many Social Bookmarking sites, so you'll need people to do it for you, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business. You'll learn about a great site that we'll point you too; and other sites you can use to get people to do the hard labor for you.

Video #3: Press Release Writing and Submission

Not using Press Release Marketing to promote your business? Press releases are more so news based items, but anytime you launch a new product, a new service, and anything that can be related to news, you should be using Press Releases or else you are missing out big time. You'll learn how to find good press release writers and people to submit them manually to PR sites, so you can get hundreds of links back to your site; gaining better search engine ranking and traffic.

Video #4: Article Submission

Content Content Content! Article Marketing allows you to spread valuable content around the 'net and as you know good content builds trust between your prospects and your business. This method can be used to spread your article to thousands of sites, therefore bringing in tons of targeted traffic. Now writing an article can sometimes take 15-30 minutes, but if you want to write many articles on a constant basis, it can take up lots of your time. Why not just outsource it? With that said, you'll learn a specific method that will allow you to setup a system where you may outsource some of your submission in the beginning, but you will be able to submit articles yourself w/o any future costs.

Video #5: Blog Creation & Blog Comments

Search Engines love blogs; that's all there is too it, but maintaining blogs can become very time consuming. There are ways you can split up the jobs so you can save time and money. Blog Comments is a method of marketing where you go to Blogs of your niche and respond with "legitimate" comments to the blog posts. This method is white hat and allows you to stay on those blogs for a long time; reaping constant traffic back to your site. You'll need to find someone who is very reputable when you're doing blog comments and who actually reads them; so you'll learn more about that in this video.

Video #6: Social Networking

You've heard it all; everyone is using Social Networking to spread the word. Social Networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and many more have become part of many people's lives. Being able to use these sites to market yourself and market your products is a must. But just like the traffic types as above, they take time. However, since you are dealing directly with building relationships with Social Networking, you must decide what part of Social Networking traffic you will outsource and which you will not. You'll learn more about that in this video.

"Which One Would You Prefer?"

Would you want to do everything by yourself and rely on 100% of your efforts to mobilize your business... or leverage on 1% of over 100 people's efforts to engineer profits and success?

The choice is clear.

Save the trial and error for your competitors. Make the smart move today and invest in Outsource Your Traffic Department now and discover how to have your traffic generated straight to any of your web sites on autopilotClick Here to join the Video Training Library today.

Course # 16
Celebrity Blogging

Celebrity BloggingWhen online journaling was first introduced to the Internet in 1983 - and was later called 'blogging', a term coined by Jorn Barger in 1997 - people used it for nothing more than a way to pen their thoughts.

The late 1990's saw a slow but gradual popularity and revived interest in writing diaries, only online with greater transparency.

More than a decade has passed later and as Web 2.0 sinks into the trend and people are becoming more savvy to technology, a new, small but growing breed of bloggers are born.

"They Are Called The
'Celebrity Bloggers'."

Now these seemingly special individuals are NOT (exactly) Hollywood celebrities. Nor are they highly exceptional socialites. Neither are they in possession of blue blood or earthly riches.

To the surprise of many people, 'Celebrity Bloggers' often consist of average individuals who we probably would not notice if we saw them on the streets or at the nearest shopping mall.

However what makes this handful of individuals clearly distinguished from the rest of the other regular bloggers is that:

  • They have their own fan base of regular visitors and subscribers - some of which are bordering cult-like!
  • They are perceived as 'authority figures' and more knowledgeable,
  • They have a strong personality, tell it like it is and especially if they have insider news - believe it or not, bloggers have been largely responsible for turning the political tide in countries like Malaysia!

Now why do some people earn the special status of 'Celebrity Blogger' in their own rights? They've built, positioned and branded themselves differently from the rest of the 'me too' bloggers and wanna-be’s.

This is in spite of the fact that as of December 2007, Technorati tracks more than 112 million blogs worldwide!

Chances are that as long as you've been online before and have visited a blog, you've been to Celebrity Blogger's website at least once (conservatively speaking). And while on surface level you will see that the blogger is a favorite of hundreds, even thousands of fans - whether in his or her niche, or claimed international fame...

There's a whole load of show and opportunities in store for a Celebrity Blogger.

Just imagine:

  • The unquantifiable amount of respect and popularity you can get,
  • Advertising opportunities - 'celeb. status' bloggers like John Chow, Kenny Sia, Xiao Xue, and Gobala Krishnan are getting paid top dollar by companies to advertise and endorse their products on their virtual real estate,
  • If you're operating a business in a competitive niche - powerful Search Engine Optmized web pages combined with powerful content can put edges and steps ahead of your mass, faceless competitors!

"But Is The 'Celebrity Blogger' Status Reserved
Only For An Elite, Privy Few?"

To earn the equivalent star power of top bloggers like the names you heard might seem like it requires an uncanny streak of good luck or privilege, which makes the benefits of a 'celebrity blogger' restricted to only a fortunate few.

In other words...

"Becoming a celebrity blogger is like waiting for all the stars to fall in the right place and the planets to align in one straight line!"

Or does it have to really be that way?

You might be technically challenged and don't know Search Engine Optimization and HTML from Adam.

You probably are not confident in your character persona and have what it takes to garner mass attention online.

Perhaps you have no idea how to brand yourself and get volumes of targeted traffic to your blog - over and over again.

Now here's the heart warming truth about Celebrity Blogging: It IS actually possible for anyone to be a Celebrity Blogger.

Because Celebrity Blogging isn't measured in how many films you've starred in. It's not measured in how quirky your character is, or how smart mouthed you are.

The proof, again, lies in the names I've mentioned above. Many of them had come from average backgrounds with little or no exceptional qualities. There are frequent stories of models and artists who have amassed more attention from the Internet (and eventually the media) and beat their competitors in contracts even though they might be better.

After being convinced of this truth and putting this theory to the test myself, I have spent a lot of time studying what makes a 'Celebrity Blogger' tick.

Finally, we arrived to a conclusion, busted the myth most people were trapped into believing... and corrected the truth:

"The Techniques And Conducts To Becoming a Celebrity Blogger
... Is Actually Duplicable!"

"Announcing The Breakthrough, Step-By-Step Videos To Becoming A Celebrity Blogger..."

In the Celebrity Blogging video series, you will learn how to set up your own Personal Blog or authority website within minutes and brand yourself as an expert... or celebrity!

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #1: How To Get Started with Celebrity Blogging and What You Need Beforehand
(4 minutes and 46 seconds)

Before you begin any task or any business plan, you should know you need to expect before jumping on the bandwagon, such as basic concepts and tools you need. Fortunately with this Celebrity Blogging plan, you won't need to invest much money upfront, so you can easily start branding your name quickly with many blogs.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #2: Creative Ways to Find a Catchy Domain Name
(3 minutes and 43 seconds)

Are you sick of having to sit around trying to think of catchy domain names and when you find one you like, you find out that it is not available? We'll show you tools that you can use to find creative domains and know whether they are available or not, so you can get a domain name and start creating your blog.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #3: How to Find Cheap and Quality Web Hosting
(10 minutes and 27 seconds)

There are thousands of web hosting companies out there. Not all are created equal, which comes to a question that maybe on your mind -- "Which one is good and which ones should you avoid?" To answer that question, you will learn in this video what you should look at for when finding a good host and what you should look out for to avoid the bad ones. Then you will learn where to find extremely low bargain deals for web hosting that you didn't know existed.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #4: How to Setup Wordpress on Cpanel's Fantastico Platform
(3 minutes and 46 seconds)

Most web hosting companies use the Cpanel hosting panel, which generally comes with Fantastico, which is a software containing many free scripts that you can easily install on your website. In this video, you'll learn step by step how to install Wordpress using Fantastico.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #5: How to Setup Wordpress Manually on Any Site within 5 Minutes
(12 minutes and 19 seconds)

In relation to video 4, let's say that you don't have Cpanel on your web hosting account? We'll you don't have to worry, because I will show you in this video how to install Wordpress on any website even if it doesn't have a Cpanel hosting panel. Our goal is to cover all bases so we don't leave you in the dark if you don't have Cpanel.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #6: Where to Find Wordpress Themes and How to Install Them
(8 minutes and 45 seconds)

Want to know where you can find quality Wordpress Themes so you can change that boring look of the original Wordpress look? In this video, you'll be pointed to places with quality Wordpress Themes, and you'll also learn how to correctly install them.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #7: Where to Find Wordpress Plugins and How to Install them
(3 minutes and 15 seconds)

Plugins act like pieces of software that work together with Wordpress. There are thousands of free Wordpress plugins on the 'net that you can use to customize your blog. Installing Wordpress Plugins is very similar to installing the Themes, however slightly different, but you'll lear how to do just that in this video.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #8: How to Customize your Wordpress Themes
(6 minutes and 45 seconds)

Customization of your Blog look is optional, but highly recommended especially when you are trying to brand yourself. You don't want to look like everyone else do you? Right. You'll learn how to brand your name and domain name into the header, footer, and other areas of the Wordpress theme without being required to know how to read the PHP code.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #9: Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog to Make you Stand Out and Drive Traffic
(7 minutes and 21 seconds)
Building backlinks to your blog, tells the search engines that your blog is important if done right. You'll learn how to gain high quality backlinks without blackhat or spamming techniques. These white hat techniques will allow you to not only get better rankings on the search engines, but drive real traffic directly through those backlinks and we're talking about high quality traffic here!

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #10: Top SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Blog
(5 minutes and 16 seconds)

So there are thousands and thousands of Wordpress plugins out there, and you may not know which ones to choose. No worries. We'll point you to several that you can use to optimize your blog better.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #11: How to Write Blog Posts Wisely
(9 minutes and 3 seconds)

Writing a blog post can't be boring; it's gotta engage the reader. Whether you write well or not, you'll learn how to write blog posts so your readers will come back wanting more. You'll also learn how to add more life to your posts by using royalty free stock photos to illustrate your points. At the same time, you want your blog posts to be first, reader friendly, but of course search engine friendly. You'll learn more about that in this video.

Celebrity Blogging Video

Video #12: Building other Blog Pages for Branding Purposes
(5 minutes and 47 seconds)

Want to know how to add pages to your blog? We'll learn how to do just that as well as how to write your About Me page professionally. All blogs should have an area that talks about you, and other optional pages for photos, testimonials, opt-in boxes to build your list and much more. Adding pages will be a breeze after you watch this.

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