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Dear Fellow NPN Distributor,

Over the next few minutes you’re going to discover how you can achieve massive amounts of wealth, and complete financial freedom with the most powerful “secret” turn-key money-making method known only to a select few individuals.

You see, by working smarter instead of harder, and harnessing the awesome power of this untapped secret method I’m about to reveal, it’s more than possible... and it’s happening right now.

We call it...

What does this mean to you?  Simply put, when you acquire the private label rebranding license to a DVD-ROM title, you get all the benefits of owning the product, without undertaking the huge development costs. (The average DVD-ROM title costs $20,000 to $125,000 to develop from concept to finished product).

What most people don’t know is that owning a private label rebranding license allows you to rebrand the products as your very own, AND you can buy them direct from Nationwide Product Network for the cost of a 2-liter of soda pop. You then mark them way up and keep all the profits!

Owning the private label rebranding license allows you to market the DVD-ROMs as you choose – you can immediately capitalize on the millions of potential buyers worldwide on the Internet – or you can sell directly to retailers, wholesalers, exporters, home shopping shows, computer stores, direct mail and catalog companies to name a few. You’re not limited to only selling online with a computer- you can sell offline and you can even market them without a computer!

Licensing is a “secret” multi-billion dollar industry most people know nothing about - which is why it’s so lucrative.  For example, The Walt Disney Company licenses its characters such as Mickey Mouse to vendors for a pretty penny, and in return their vendors can manufacture products with Mickey’s likeness.  In fact, according to, Disney Consumer Products reported $28.6 billion in retail sales of licensed merchandise worldwide last year.  $28.6 BILLION DOLLARS!

According to Microsoft and TechCrunch, Windows and Windows Live’s revenue was $4.87 billion, a 2% increase over the prior period, in-line with the PC market. The latest version of Windows software has sold OVER 450 million licenses since it’s launch, averaging just a hair over 650,000 licenses sold each day.  $4.87 BILLION DOLLARS... and sold OVER 450 MILLION LICENSES since it’s launch.

That’s incredible!

The demand for software is here. There’s no doubt selling DVD-ROMs can generate a hefty profit. The good news for people marketing software is that just about EVERYONE WANTS TO BUY IT, especially on the Internet! There are tens of millions of potential customers worldwide just waiting.

In fact, you can maintain a very lucrative business just selling your DVD-ROMs to wholesalers. That’s a little known secret too.

You see, wholesalers desperately need software that run on Microsoft Windows® to satisfy their markets. In a wholesale arrangement, the DVD-ROM owner gives up a bit of profit, but in return eliminates most marketing and order-taking expenses, almost all office overhead and...

It’s a great arrangement because it’s one where everybody benefits.  With a product like this — in high demand, with high profit margins, low production costs and almost non-existent marketing costs – it’s no wonder everyone is talking about the money to be made by licensing software!

Imagine it... you find one customer (for example, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc) and sell them a large quantity of one or all of your software titles at a discounted rate... let’s say they agree to buy 10,000 copies from you for $5.00 each... that’s $50,000 from ONE SALE. 

That’s the power behind the private label rebranding license.  Instead of selling the discs retail and making $30 on one sale at a time, you can open the door to a whole new world of customers to sell to.  Seriously... it only takes one or two big sales each year- and you can take the rest of the year off- PAID!  It doesn’t get much better than this!

Better yet, these customers can continue to come back to you over and over again to replenish their stock each time they sell out of the products - creating a residual cash-flow for you with no extra effort! No matter how you look at it you can PROFIT on every sale!

Now you’re beginning to see how you can achieve massive amounts of wealth, and complete financial freedom through rebranding licensing.

It really is possible to live life on your own terms when you own the product out-right.  When you own the product- you become “the prime source”.

Of course, you’ll first have to find someone willing to sell you a private label rebranding license to their HOT-SELLING software titles that have high consumer demand.

Hopefully that someone will offer you the license at a reasonable  price and on a “no-royalties, no-strings attached” basis.

We continually create, test and manufacture new software titles for our network of Distributors to sell.  When you own the private label rebranding license to a DVD-ROM title you INSTANTLY own a 100% ready-to-sell product without all of the time and expense necessary to bring the product to market.

Each title currently has our company’s name printed on the artwork and on the interactive software interface.  When you own the license, we’ll remove our company’s name from the packaging and from the computer interface - and replace it with your company’s name (or your name).

We do all of the rebranding for you! You never have to touch a computer!  To get you started, we even manufacture ONE DOZEN COPIES of EACH TITLE that you own the license to, completely rebranded with your name and/or logo.  Order more copies from us at any time as you need them for only $1.50 each.

This means when you acquire a rebranding license from us, you can duplicate and sell the rebranded DVD-ROMs as many times as you like (even in the millions) and you will never owe us any additional royalty payments. You own the product FREE and CLEAR. The only restriction is you cannot resell a duplication license or rebranding license to others. Other than that, you can do what you want.

Think about how you might bundle two or three of the titles together and sell them as a package. (Packages with more than one title are hot, hot sellers)!   You could also sell them together with other products that you may already be selling... The choice is yours!  Now lets take a look at the titles...

The Champion’s ULTIMATE PC Game Collection
Volume 1

This volume contains countless hours of Las Vegas style casino fun at home.  And unlike Vegas, you won’t have to worry about losing all of your hard-earned money with these games! This ALL-NEW collection includes over 100 Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Roulette and Texas Hold’em Games.  No installing necessary- just click and play.

Coupon Code Secrets DVD-ROM

If you don’t take advantage of coupon codes, you’re paying too much for virtually everything you buy online. No scissors required. Just click and save! Includes a full report on saving money online with coupon codes, a video demonstration, plus a list of web sites that can save you thousands and more.  Coupon Code Secrets can pay for itself with just one use!

Twitter for Beginners DVD-ROM

Whether it’s for personal or business you need to know how to use Twitter- one of the top social media web sites.  With Twitter for Beginners you have a complete collection of step-by-step video instructions that are easy to follow.  Includes 3 hours of video training that you can use to become a Twitter expert in no time.

200 Relaxing Bath & Beauty Recipes DVD-ROM
Volume 1

This exciting, brand new title contains over 200 useful bath and beauty recipes. Learn how to make bath salts, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, bath oils, potpourris, bath teas, bubble baths, bath bombs and much more in your own kitchen.  In addition to selling this disc you can also make these recipes for your own personal use - or sell them to earn even more profits!

Social Network Marketing Made Easy DVD-ROM

Social Network Marketing Made Easy contains useful information arranged as a step-by-step guide for eMarketers to use to effectively set up their own Social Network Marketing process and capture a ROI (return on investment) for their company.  Print out the information, or follow along as our narrator reads it out loud to you.

1001 Speedy Business Letters DVD-ROM

1001 Speedy Business Letters contains a complete collection of over 1000 prewritten, fully customizable business letters- just customize, preview and print.  It’s that simple.  Never be at a loss for words.  This easy to use collection provides you with almost every type of business letter you could possibly imagine.  Includes a FREE office productivity suite with a retail value of $299.

101 Prayers for Children DVD-ROM

This inspirational title contains a collection of easy to read, easy to understand prayers for children.  Ideal for parents who need to teach kids the habit of prayer and Sunday School Teachers who need a manual of prayers.  Includes over 100 prayers for kids of all ages and 10 short stories about children from the Old Testament.

Fifty Fabulous Fonts DVD-ROM
Volume 1

The world would be a dull place without fonts.  Fonts inspire, engage and amaze.  This collection comes with over 50 royalty-free fonts that can be used for both commercial and personal projects. Use these fonts to create great-looking scrapbooks, web sites, signs, business cards, newsletters, greeting cards and much more!

To make it even better, Nationwide Product Network continually adds new products to our catalog throughout the year.  You can purchase the rebranding license to any of our new releases too- which provides you with an arsenal of fresh new products to sell as your very own!

In addition to owning the private label rebranding license to one or all of our hot-selling DVD-ROM titles, we can also build and rebrand a matching web site that sells each of the software titles for you to OVER 1 BILLION computer owners WORLDWIDE!

That’s right! With your approval, we’ll set you up with your very own Custom Multimedia Internet Web Site or powerful Ultimate Internet Shopping Mall that can AUTOMATICALLY take orders for you 24/7 and showcases ONE or ALL of your DVD-ROMs! This also  includes the sales letter, graphics, order forms, etc.

The duplication licenses to these DVD-ROMs are being offered on a first-come, first-served, no-royalty-payments-due-ever and no-strings-attached basis.

Now, I want you to keep something in mind... all of these DVD-ROMs were put together with the end-user (your customer) in mind.

That’s why they’re all...

Built to contain extremely valuable content and have a very high perceived value!

Easy-to-use! (Even for computer beginners)!  You don’t even need to “install” most of our software titles to begin using them... just put them in your computer and they “just work” without any confusion!  They don’t require any special knowledge of computers in order to use them.

Capable of being used on all versions of Microsoft Windows® including Windows 98 SE and Windows 7!

Completely “ready for sale” in a shrink-wrapped DVD case that includes full-color graphics and instructions... just like the discs you find for sale in stores like Best Buy and Fry’s!

Made in the USA. Its nice to know that from start to finish these products support local jobs right here in the United States!

These DVD-ROMs impress customers with their professional look and feel and ease of use. Customers know these titles represent a superior quality that’s worth the price they paid! (This leads to profitable repeat sales for you)!

If you want an instant line of your very own products to sell, acquiring the rebranding and duplication license to one or more DVD-ROM titles can be the quickest, easiest and most affordable way.

Getting the rebranding license means you can:

Have your company’s name (or your name) and logo added to the graphics on the packaging and on the software interface to make it your very own product!

Sell the titles WHOLESALE or RETAIL... or both!  You can sell large quantities wholesale at low prices and earn HUGE PROFITS on just a few sales a year!  You can also sell retail direct to the public to earn even more money from your titles.

Forget “rebranding” and simply sell the titles “as is” just to earn more money per-disc since they only cost you $1.50 each verses $6.00 each as a Standard Distributor. You keep 100% of the profits on each sale!

Sell the DVD-ROM title(s) on your own web site or have Nationwide Product Network’s talented Web Designers create a rebranded web site that sells the software for you.

Bundle the products together and/or sell them with existing products that you are already selling.

You become “the prime source” for the title.  (Exciting details revealed in just a moment!)

You can sell the “resell rights” to your rebranded titles. Another way to make money with your license!

And much, much more.   You can see that the sky really is the limit!   `

1. You get the REBRANDING RIGHTS to ONE or ALL 8 of our current line of DVD-ROM products (you can also pick and choose from our new releases).  This includes the rebranding and adding your company name (or your name) and optional logo to the DVD-ROM packaging artwork, insert, DVD-ROM disc imprint and rebranding of the software interface by our software programmers.  You don’t need to touch a computer since we do all of the rebranding for you.

2. You get a “Duplication License” to each DVD-ROM you own the rights to. This License Certificate can be used to prove legal ownership of the software should you choose to duplicate your discs on your own).

3. You get 12 copies of each rebranded DVD-ROM that you own the license to, manufactured and 100% ready for you to sell.  You can use these DVD-ROM’s as product samples, sell them or distribute them any way you choose.  Artwork and disc software customization must be approved by you for accuracy before items are manufactured.

4. You get an extra copy of each rebranded DVD-ROM that you can use as your Master Disc for duplication. (This is your master copy).

5. You get the master source files to the sales letter, web site, and Photoshop graphics, (upon request) that allows you to edit and customize these materials to sell each DVD-ROM you own the rights to as you see fit!

6. You get incredible discounted price-breaks on each DVD-ROM title you own! Each disc can be duplicated and 100% “ready to sell” for as little as $1.50 each! That’s less than a 2-liter of soda costs!  The price includes the DVD-ROM disc, the DVD case, cover sheet, 1-panel insert, cellophane wrapping and full color printing on disc. Anything you sell the discs for over $1.50 is ALL PROFIT FOR YOU!  Sell them over and over again!

7. You get the Private Label Owners Guide. This guide includes suggested ways on how to market your discs, pricing strategies, how to reach wholesalers and purchasing agents! This is your complete guide for marketing and duplicating DVD-ROM software.

8. You get a unique “retail ready” UPC barcode added to each rebranded title for FREE at your optional request!  This free universal product bar code will be added to the back of the DVD-ROM’s artwork in the bottom-right corner of your product and is usually only required by retailers that will be selling your products in their store.  This must be added before your product is manufactured.

9. You become “The Prime Source” of our products after their initial one-year product cycle. Each of our products have a one-year cycle within our company and then we discontinue mass-producing them.  After we exhaust our supply, YOU become THE-SOURCE for the products, as only Distributors who have purchased the Private Label Rebranding Rights to the titles can continue reproducing them.

10.  You also get 4 FREE BONUS GIFTS that you’ll see in just a second!

As you can see, you get just about everything you need to start cashing in on the high demand for software.  But don’t be addition to the above, you’ll need:

Time: Realistically, you should figure investing about 12 hours to get this project going.  Most of your time will be spent working with retailers, wholesalers, exporters, even direct-mail and catalog companies to sell large quantities of the software. You can do this WITH and WITHOUT a computer.

If you opt for a Custom Multimedia Web Site or the Ultimate Internet Shopping Mall, you can also advertise your site directly on the Internet to MILLIONS OF PROSPECTS WORLDWIDE FOR FREE!

Desire/Dedication: You need real desire to see any project through to the finish. While this may be one of the easiest projects you could undertake, you’ll still need to have the desire to see it through if you want to profit from it.

Capital Resources: Yes, it takes some money, but fortunately, not as much as you might expect to pay for an unlimited duplication and rebranding license to our proven titles!

There’s no doubt about it... this amazing opportunity is not for everyone.  In fact, there will only be a few special individuals who will recognize this opportunity for what it is --- and be in a position to take advantage of it.

But, if you can afford success and recognize that this is an opportunity that matches your desires and skills– then GO FOR IT!

With this “turn-key” package, you get everything you need to succeed!  Nothing is left to chance and there’s nothing for you to guess about.  All of the rebranding and customization is done for you- so you never have to touch a computer.

PLUS, to help ensure your success, you get ALL FOUR of the following FREE BONUSES with your order. If you have any questions, simply click here to ask us.


You may have the most outstanding business, product, idea or talent in the world, but in order to be successful, you have to let the world know about it. Raleigh Pinskey offers you a crash course on how to get the attention you need.

101 Ways to Promote Yourself reveals the insider secrets learned from years of experience and how these low-cost, high-powered techniques can carry you to the top of your market and beyond. It’s sure to give you an edge on the competition and that’s why we’re including it as a FREE GIFT for registering within the next 7 days!


As a owner of a rebranding and duplication license you can choose to duplicate the DVD-ROMs on your own or have Nationwide Product Network handle the duplication for you.  If you choose to have us handle this task for you, our staff will, at no additional charge act as your personal liaison with the manufacturer - sending all master files to the plant and ensuring timely delivery of your products.


If you add the optional rebranded web site or web mall to your order, we normally charge $9.99/month for web hosting to keep your web sites online.  However, if you order in the next 7 days, we’ll give you 2 BONUS YEARS of web hosting for FREE!


We stand behind our products, and our Distributors (you).  To prove this, we will provide your customers with FREE technical support for their software purchases.  If your customer needs help using any of our software titles, you can give them our telephone number and our technical support team will gladly assist them. This provides you and your customers with the peace of mind knowing there’s support available, should they ever need it.

Order the private label rebranding and duplication license to any or all of the DVD-ROMs and ALL FOUR of these FREE BONUSES are yours!

Remember, once you own the license to a DVD-ROM title, there are never any on-going royalties or fees to pay— sell as many as you want, for as long as you want! YOU KEEP ALL THE PROFITS!

As you know, we are strictly limiting the number of folks who can get in on this exclusive limited-time offer.

If we let too many people in on this opportunity, the market would be flooded with the same DVD-ROMs and we don’t want that to happen. That’s the main reason we have a 1 year product cycle on our products - to ensure the market isn’t flooded, to create new products, and to give our license-holders (you) the ability to be “the source” for the products they own.

Yes- we’re a company that actually goes out of its way to ensure you have the best chance for success!

The titles being sold today will only be available to existing distributors and not to new distributors after the 1 year product cycle has expired... or until we exhaust our inventory.  We highly recommend purchasing the private rebranding license to as many of our products as you can to ensure you’ll still be able to obtain the products, and at the rock-bottom price of $1.50 per disc.

We only have 50 global rebranding licenses available per title.  If you’re one of the first 50 people who act fast, the private label rebranding and duplication license to ALL 8 of our DVD-ROM titles are yours for a one-time investment of only $749- that’s a $1,164 value if you purchased each title separately!)  The license to individual titles is only $97 per title.

We also have an Easy Installment Plan option available, and an option to add your very own Ultimate Internet Shopping Mall featuring a web site for each of the 8 DVD-ROMs for an additional $248 - that’s a 50% savings off the regular “shopping mall” price.

Listen... you have a chance to own a rare lifetime “Private Label Rebranding and Duplication License” for up to eight DVD-ROM titles that appeal to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! Software sales are BOOMING... it’s almost impossible to fail!

Simply click here to complete the online “Rebranding License Registration Form” or fax/mail it to us. If you prefer, pick up your phone and call us RIGHT NOW at 1-800-676-3402 x 701 to reserve your spot. (Even if our office is closed, call anyway and leave a message— this will prioritize your spot for securing the license to these powerful money-makers)!

If you wait, you will lose out! That’s a fact.  The 50 Rebranding Licenses to each DVD-ROM title will go fast!  Do not put this off!

The rebranding and duplication licenses to these DVD-ROMs are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and they will go FAST! You must hurry! Simply decide which DVD-ROM title/titles you would like or, TAKE IT ALL THE WAY by adding the Ultimate Internet Shopping Mall!

Remember, there are only 50 rebranding licenses available per title.  To get in on this exclusive opportunity, you need to secure your position TODAY!

We’ve made ordering easy. There’s no reason not to take advantage of this spectacular offer! Click Here and choose your option right now or call us at 1-800-676-3402 x 701 to secure your license over the phone.  You can soon be one of the select few individuals to cash-in on the exploding global DVD-ROM market!

To your success,

Rick Farris
Operations Executive
Nationwide Product Network

Nationwide Product Network

P.S. Software is hot right now -- almost any title sells well.  But these titles aren’t just any title.  They’re all proven sellers that appeal to millions of people worldwide. Take action today while it’s fresh on your mind and while there are still “Duplication Licenses” available along with the FREE BONUSES!

P.P.S. No matter what price you sell the titles for YOU’RE GUARANTEED TO PROFIT as long as you sell them for more than $1.50 (your cost).  We can even drop-ship your orders for you.  I don’t know many products out there that cost so little to make and have such a high resell value!  You also get a starting inventory of 12 copies of each rebranded DVD-ROM manufactured for you at no additional charge.

P.P.P.S. If you want to sell the DVD-ROMs “as is” without rebranding them, let us know when you place your order. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.  Secure your license now by clicking here!

Remember, we are strictly limiting the number of folks who can get in on this exclusive limited time offer.  We have a 1 year cycle on our products - to give our license-holders (you) the ability to become “the prime source” for the products they own!  When you own the license to these products, that makes YOU one of the select few individuals who will be able to continue offering these fine products!  That factor alone can drastically increase your profit potential... almost overnight! Get started now by simply click here to complete the online “Rebranding License Registration Form” or fax/mail it to us.


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