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You can’t afford NOT to listen to the valuable money-saving and money-making information I am about to reveal.

Now I know what you’re about to read borders on the unbelievable. If you’re somewhat skeptical that’s okay, but a bit of skepticism could cause you to miss out on the easiest and most effective wealth-generator one could ever hope to find.

Lets face it, with uncertain unemployment rates, fluctuating gas prices, declining household incomes, increased poverty rates, access to health care difficult for many and historic national debt, the economy isn’t improving any time soon. With so much uncertainty, what is your ”Plan B”?

When it comes to dealing with financial turmoil, you have to tackle it head on and deal with the facts that are right in front of you.  Maybe you’re unemployed or live on a fixed income. Perhaps you failed to plan ahead and have little to no money saved for retirement.

Maybe you have a stack of medical or other bills you haven’t been able to pay, or it could be that you’re simply sick and tired of being ”sick and tired” of being broke and not getting ahead in life.

Perhaps you’re tired of working for someone else and making them rich.  Maybe you dislike the hours, the commute, your co-workers, and have had a burning desire to start your own business for years but have instead settled for living paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet.

Now is your chance to change all of that.

Just because we’re at a turning point doesn’t mean the future is all ”doom and gloom” across the nation.

Think about it- there are sectors of our economy that are booming right now - even in an uncertain economy.  For example, although people aren’t buying homes right now, if you own a rental property, business is good for you. There are businesses that thrive no matter what the economy is like, such as the medical and computer industries.

No matter the reason or the condition of the economy, if you’re looking for a way to earn extra money on the side this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Lack of money has been an issue for most people most of their life, which has prevented them from being able to do the things they would like for themselves, their family and their friends. I know if you were given the right chance, you could be successful financially.

Would you like a practical way to sit comfortably at home, ”work” as little as 30 minutes per day, a couple days a week and begin to generate a realistic side income? Well, as our testimonials and the information I’m about to reveal will verify, it’s not only possible… It’s mind-blowing proof that this can work for you too. We even guarantee your success!

Perhaps you’ve tried other ”opportunities” found in magazines, on the internet or even in your mailbox. Maybe you have already fallen victim to unscrupulous television ”pranksters” or the insanity of multi-level marketing and direct-mail affiliate programs. If so, you probably feel as if the lifeblood has hopelessly been sucked right out of you.

Well, guess what? Although those programs may look good on the surface, they have been specifically designed not to work for you!

That’s where we can help you! However, before we can begin, I need to tell you what we are not. We are not a scam.  We are not a fly-by-the-night organization that is “here today, gone tomorrow.”  Also, we’re not a self proclaimed marketing guru bragging about his lifestyle while using your money to pay for it while you’re at home barely able to put food on the table. We are a software company.

Because of this, we can promise you less hype, more action, more products and more profit potential. If you’re looking to ”get rich quick”, go look somewhere else.  We’re not going to provide you with inflated statistics and dollar amounts.  We’re not here to promise that you’ll get filthy rich.

Our goal is to realistically help you earn and save your money. There’s no risk, no product development and better yet, no multi-level marketing.

Our software products are offered to you at reasonable rates which allows you to offer them at attractive rates so we’re both able to sell and earn more. After all, if you’re not making money by selling our products, neither are we.

This is a win-win situation for everyone! YES! You have finally found something you can actually succeed with!

Please for your sake… Don’t stake your future on believing that a more proven, lucrative, legitimate and legal method to make realistic money in a short period of time from home exists. In our opinion it surely does not.

If there were a faster, safer, easier and more lucrative way for the average person to obtain a realistic side income from home, we’d have found it and already be doing it! In fact, we are so serious about helping people get ahead, we’re going to help one lucky customer by paying one month of his or her rent/mortgage payment!

Just one aspect of this business allows you to spend as little as $1.50 and earn immediate cash profits of up to 1,900% (or more) over and over and over again!

We’re going to show you how to easily cash-in on the extremely
hot software market through the mail, on the internet, or both;
with and/or without touching a computer!

Bill Gates (one of the richest men in the world), reportedly has a net worth of $56 BILLION dollars from the software business and now you can effortlessly get your share of the action!

Unlike Bill Gates, you don’t have to develop anything or struggle with trial and error before you profit. Everything has already been developed for you! Through our hot-selling software you can begin to profit immediately!

Because these tiny plastic discs are without question the least expensivemost profitableeasiest to sellmost in-demand computer-based products. Nothing else even comes close!

Microsoft alone has reported record revenues of $62.48 billion last year or two, most of which was generated by selling, you guessed it - computer software.  According to Nash Information Services the entire U.S. Movie Industry combined only earned $10.4 billion in revenue last year. Software sales outsold the movies 6 to 1.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, listen closely: computers are now rapidly outselling TV’s by the thousands. Software sales are steadily increasing because computers are worthless without software. This means that software will always be in-demand as long as people own and buy computers.

In fact, industry experts agree that sales will continue growing faster and faster each year.  According to a report by Forrester Research, there will be more than two billion PCs in use worldwide by 2018. Each one of these computers sold needs software!

Now you can be one of the select few to get your share of the multi-billion dollar per year software business by offering our hot-selling software to this starving global market.

Consider this: For near the cost of a 2-liter of soda, we can have a five-inch DVD-ROM disc duplicated and packaged for you. That same disc can sell for more than $30.00! Some titles sell for $995.95 each! That’s more than a whopping 66,233% profit margin! That kind of profit means that even limited sales can create a HUGE MONTHLY CASH FLOW!

Here’s a realistic example: Just an effortless 15 sales per week at $30.00 ea can potentially generate $1,800.00 in just ONE month! Believe me, with the software products we’re creating for you, 15 sales per week is peanuts.  And $30 is only the suggested retail price, you can always sell the software at a higher price if you choose.

There are no selling restrictions, (just sell the software legally) which means you can create value-added software bundles and even combine the software with other products you are selling at a higher price; the choice is yours.

Recently, a well-known DVD-ROM game titled World of Warcraft generated sales in excess of over $120 million dollars per month from its base of 10.3 million subscribers. That’s impossible for anyone to ignore. While it is not expected that all new software titles will reach MULTI-MILLION dollar sales figures, many hot titles WILL have sales in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS EACH!

Our software titles have a track record of selling like crazy and we’ll provide you with as many of them as you can handle!  They’re PROVEN MONEY-MAKERS! To ensure you’re only selling the hottest software, we’re allowing you the ability to have your say in the titles we developThat’s right... you have a part in telling us what products you want to sell!

The demand for software is SKY-HIGH since there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people who are rapidly buying it on a daily basis.

The fact is, there are OVER 1 BILLION computer owners worldwide, not to mention hundreds and thousands of retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and catalog companies (to name a few) who are actively buying software titles from ANYONE who has them.

Getting these customers is fast and easy when you utilize our proven profitable sales methods and materials which help do the selling for you.

We’ll walk you through our beginning-to-advanced proven marketing methods that pull in money like metal to a magnet without ever having to speak with anyone!  Many are LOW to
NO COST! It doesn’t matter if you’re poor or flat-broke, you can still earn a realistic side income.

If you choose, our professional Web Designers can even create a multimedia web store (optional) for you and submit your web store to the TOP Internet Search Engines for next to nothing! You can also use our secret list of Free Advertising Web Sites which allows you to ADVERTISE TO OVER 1 BILLION PROSPECTS FOR FREE!

With such high demand, low production costs, high profit margins and microscopic marketing expenses, there’s no wonder why this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

According to recently published reports, the average cost to develop a retail-ready DVD-ROM title is between $20,000 and $125,000 per title (sometimes even higher!)  This high development cost reflects the labor intensive process of programming, graphics, content research, testing, perfecting and manufacturing the products.

Now YOU can jump into the HOTTEST MONEYMAKER OF ALL TIME while completely bypassing the huge development costs by simply USING OUR EXCLUSIVE DVD-ROM PRODUCTS AND SALES MATERIALS FOR FREE!

The Champion’s ULTIMATE PC Game Collection
Volume 1

This volume contains countless hours of Las Vegas style casino fun at home.  And unlike Vegas, you won’t have to worry about losing all of your hard-earned money with these games! This ALL-NEW collection includes over 100 Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Roulette and Texas Hold’em Games.  No installing necessary- just click and play.

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

Coupon Code Secrets DVD-ROM

If you don’t take advantage of coupon codes, you’re paying too much for virtually everything you buy online. No scissors required. Just click and save! Includes a full report on saving money online with coupon codes, a video demonstration, plus a list of web sites that can save you thousands and more.  Coupon Code Secrets can pay for itself with just one use!

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

Twitter for Beginners DVD-ROM

Whether it’s for personal or business you need to know how to use Twitter- one of the top social media web sites.  With Twitter for Beginners you have a complete collection of step-by-step video instructions that are easy to follow.  Includes 3 hours of video training that you can use to become a Twitter expert in no time.

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

200 Relaxing Bath & Beauty Recipes DVD-ROM
Volume 1

This exciting, brand new title contains over 200 useful bath and beauty recipes. Learn how to make bath salts, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, bath oils, potpourris, bath teas, bubble baths, bath bombs and much more in your own kitchen.  In addition to selling this disc you can also make these recipes for your own personal use - or sell them to earn even more profits!

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

Social Network Marketing Made Easy DVD-ROM

Social Network Marketing Made Easy contains useful information arranged as a step-by-step guide for eMarketers to use to effectively set up their own Social Network Marketing process and capture a ROI (return on investment) for their company.  Print out the information, or follow along as our narrator reads it out loud to you.

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

1001 Speedy Business Letters DVD-ROM

1001 Speedy Business Letters contains a complete collection of over 1000 prewritten, fully customizable business letters- just customize, preview and print.  It’s that simple.  Never be at a loss for words.  This easy to use collection provides you with almost every type of business letter you could possibly imagine.  Includes a FREE office productivity suite with a retail value of $299.

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

Instant eBook Author DVD-ROM

The Instant eBook Author DVD-ROM will show you how to create and sell your own eBooks for the Kindle Reader. Its easier now more than ever before to write and get your work into the hands of an eager audience. From your imagination to the Amazon bookstore, Instant eBook Author contains videos that show you each step required to get your masterpiece Kindle-ready and even learn how to register your book for sale with Amazon.

Sell it for $30.00 or more!

Fifty Fabulous Fonts DVD-ROM
Volume 1

The world would be a dull place without fonts.  Fonts inspire, engage and amaze.  This collection comes with over 50 royalty-free fonts that can be used for both commercial and personal projects. Use these fonts to create great-looking scrapbooks, web sites, signs, business cards, newsletters, greeting cards and much more!

Sell it for $30.00 or more!


...And that’s not all! We are developing new titles, and you will have immediate access to sell them for FREE. This ensures you always have a continuous flow of hot new products to sell.

We have new titles on topics such as Facebook, job searching and saving your home from foreclosure (among others) currently in production.

If you take immediate action, you’ll have access to an irresistible package jam-packed full of FREE bonus gifts, proven sales materials and the following exciting benefits:

An Authorized Nationwide Product Network Distributorship with no monthly fees.

You receive access to our entire catalog of retail-ready DVD-ROM and software products that you can immediately begin to resell for huge fast-cash profits daily.

You receive access to our catalog of proven sales materials that sell all of the software products for you online, offline, with a computer and without a computer. We’ll even tell you which market each product should target. Selling your products shouldn’t be rocket science.  We make it easy for you with these customizable materials.

You receive access to a brand new HOT DVD-ROM products every time we have one ready for release along with the sales materials to sell the products.  That means you get new products added each year, at no additional cost to you.

You receive access to our FREE Drop Shipping Department.  You’re not required to buy any DVD-ROMs up front.  Simply submit your orders to us as you sell them and we’ll handle the rest.

You receive access to FREE a web site you can setup and host on your own or choose our popular “auto-pilot” option and we can setup and host the sites for you for a small monthly fee.

You receive unlimited online training and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From now on you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You receive access to our periodic prize giveaways! You could instantly ”win” Free Money, a Family Vacation, Gift Cards, Free Gasoline, Free Food - including an additional entry into our flagship prize - the ”Win A Free Month of Rent” giveaway.

You receive unlimited access to our private, ”members-only” area which contains information on how to MAKE and SAVE money, debt reduction tools, job search and interview tips, marketing guides and much more! We show you intelligent ways to increase your monthly cash flow.

You receive the Nationwide Product Network’s instructional manual which will explain everything in plain and simple English.  After reading this, you’ll understand how easy it is to quickly rake-in some serious cash with our company’s products.

Respond within the next 7 days and receive 4 Free Bonus Gifts (Valued at $197)!
You’ll read more about these in a moment.

You receive access to our FREE digital newsletter.

You receive access to participate in our awards ceremony.

If you decide to become an optional Charter Distributor you will also receive the following extra special benefits in addition to the ones I just mentioned:

You receive access to FREE, unlimited priority telephone training and support by appointment. If you have a question or need extra guidance we are here for you.

You receive access to the private ”Charter Distributors Only” section of our members area which contains even more prizes, a ”deals and steals” section, supplemental online video training, web site of the month links, additional money saving tips and tricks and much more! Our smart solutions will blow your mind!

You get exclusive money-saving coupons for hundreds of household items you use everyday!  Simply print these valuable coupons and present them at the grocery store.  Save money on baby and toddler items, food, beverages, personal care, pet care, household goods and more!  These coupons alone could save you more than the cost of our Charter Membership... ten-fold!

You receive access to FREE software downloads only for our Charter Distributors.

You receive FREE access to our annual Distributor Web Meeting and Teleconference.

You receive access to a Private Q&A session with Company Executives and Leaders.

You receive access to FREE Tickets to attend one of NPN’s conventions, workshops and seminars occasionally held in various cities around the country.

You receive access to our Resources Report which is a treasure-trove of information containing all of the best companies and resources recommended and endorsed by Nationwide Product Network.

Respond within 7 days and receive the 4 Free Bonus Gifts previously mentioned
PLUS 2 Additional Charter Distributor Gifts! (View them below in just a second!)

And much, much more!

Free Bonus #1 - 250 Ways To Make Money
(A $99 Value!)

Searching for a way to earn some extra cash? With over 250 money making ideas, you’re bound to find something that suits your lifestyle!

Some require a little capital; some require no capital. Some are tried and tested traditional methods of making money; some are brilliant business concepts for the aspiring entrepreneur... and all of them can lead to lucrative projects and most can be operated from home in your spare time! If 250 isn’t enough for you— our Charter Distributors receive 1,000 Ways To Make Money!

Free Bonus #2 - The PC Speed Up System
(A $49 Value!) Exclusive Video for Our Distributors

You already know computer stores charge anywhere from $60-$500+ to repair a computer. What if you could learn the basics to protect yourself today?

The PC Speed Up System contains 6 content-packed videos that show you how to take charge of protecting and speeding up your PC.  Stop paying ”Geeks” to fix your computer.  With the PC Speed Up System you’ll save a ton of cash (and time) by learning how to fix the problems yourself!

Free Bonus #3 - Selling on eBay Videos
(A $49 Value!) Exclusive Video for Our Distributors

Introducing 7 step-by-step videos for newbies on how to make a profitable income simply by selling stuff on eBay!

Whether you just want to get rid of something in the basement, start a serious business or even sell digital products... you will quickly learn the insider secrets of raking-in cash and generating hundreds of visitors to your eBay store!

Free Bonus #4 - Save 15% on optional services with Official Domains Club

We’ve also partnered with Official Domains Club - one of the Internet’s leading domain registration companies to save you even more money! Whether you want to register an optional Domain Name, Hosting, Email Accounts, or just want to Build a Web Site or take advantage of their online Marketing Tools, you can save up to 15% with this exclusive savings coupon.

Free Bonus #5 - 50 Ways To Save At The Pump (A $47 Value!)

With the cost of filling your gas tank on the rise, there’s no shame in cutting every corner to save a buck. All a person really needs is the know-how, the tips, tricks, and truth of how to make that tank last until next payday!

Using the information contained in this valuable report you can realistically save a ton of money at the pump each year... this bonus is only for Charter Distributors!

Free Bonus #6 - The Video Training Library
(A $17 Value!)

Charter Members receive FREE, UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL of the videos in our online video training library! Learn Facebook Marketing Secrets, Internet Business Basics, How to Use Twitter, How to Build A Web Site, Email Marketing, How to Start Your Own Blog, How to Use Google to Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Site, How To Create Web Graphics and much more! (Learn more - opens in a new window)

We have over a dozen video courses in the Video Training Library (many over 1 hour long) and they’re ALL FREE for you to watch as many times as you want... PLUS any new courses that are added are yours to watch at no additional charge.

The staff here at NPN and our distributors aren’t that different from you.  The only difference is that we have decided to ”break the cycle”, and make an extraordinary improvement in our financial dispositions.

Our lucrative business will continue to grow with or without you. The question is, do you want to work with a legitimate company, selling legitimate products and better your financial disposition?

Or will you continue doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? We’d love to help you, but you need to act fast!

Let me be crystal clear... if you miss out, you may have to wait another lifetime hoping to rediscover what you already have on your screen TODAY!  Click Here to enroll right now.

The only thing left for you to do is to choose to put your life in motion and take ACTION! Sure, you could pass up on the only opportunity that will ever work for you and continue to struggle through life thinking, ”if only...” or ”what if...” - But why?

We’ve removed ALL of the risk and even GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS.  The worst thing that could happen is you’ll get MORE than your money back if you’re not happy with the profits you’ve made.

We are so serious about helping people get ahead in this tough economy, whether by selling or saving, we’re going to help pay one month of one lucky distributor’s rent or mortgage just to prove it! Imagine what you could do with the extra money... if you’re selected!

As you’re probably aware this distributorship could command an unlimited price tag.  Our standard price is a steal at only $97.  However, to help those who are in need and are dead-serious about obtaining TRUE WEALTH and HAPPINESS, I’m willing to offer you a MORE THAN 50% DISCOUNT OFF THE REGULAR PRICE!

If you enroll within the next 7 days, you’ll pay a super-low, one-time $37. Click Here to order now before this discounted introductory price increases!

Order within the next 7 days and you may also find out that YOU were selected as our winner of one month of FREE RENT “paid to your landlord” by Nationwide Product Network.

Don’t forget, the FREE BONUS GIFTS are yours to keep no matter what.  Now you can have it all! The only thing missing is you.

You owe it to yourself to at least see what all of the excitement is about.  Believe me, once you get started working with us, you’ll never want to stop!

To receive everything you need to GET STARTED FAST, simply fill out the risk-free enrollment form by clicking here.  We look forward to helping you gain fast success and changing your life forever.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

A dream without a plan is just a wish.  Stop wishing and change your future today!

It’s time to take control of your financial destiny. Let us hear from you immediately!

To your success,

Rick Farris
Operations Executive
Nationwide Product Network

Nationwide Product Network

P.S. - Charter Members can schedule phone consultations with our business experts. You’ll enjoy working with these good people. Schedule a phone appointment with one of our business specialists and they’ll answer any questions you have to ensure maximum profitability. Click here to join now.

”Dear Nationwide Product Network, like so many ”Boomers” out there I saved very little for retirement and didn’t plan ahead for the future.  Instead of enjoying my Golden Years I had to sell off my valuable possessions just to make ends meet. My Social Security benefit’s don’t pay enough and I didn’t have a ”Plan B” until I joined your company.  Now I’m selling your software at my bingo-hall and I’ve saved quite a bit of money utilizing the useful tips you provide. I can’t thank you enough! It’s nice not having to rely on just my monthly Social Security check to pay all of the bills any more! — P. Barnes

”I just wanted to make enough money to do good things for people who believe society has given up on them. I felt like that for years- until I ran into one of your advertisements, decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and decided to do something about it!

Thanks to your staff for encouraging me to live life on my own terms! I’ve already used a portion of the proceeds I’ve earned to help people less fortunate in my area. Thanks again!” — Frenchy B., California

Because of your guarantee I decided to become a Distributor - and I can honestly say that your company is the ”real deal”. You really are a legitimate business and have kept your word. I didn’t have to touch a computer and I was still able to profit $500 in my very first week alone.  Your products are great- I can’t wait to sell next month’s new title!  You really do make it easy for us to sell the products.  I have great faith in your organization and look forward to a long and profitable relationship together.”  — Ken P., Medina, OH

YES! I want to become a Distributor of Nationwide Product Network
before the introductory price increases!

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