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About Nationwide Product Network
Global Marketplace Solutions for Consumer Software Products.

Nationwide Product Network is a privately owned, independent software company based in Portland, Oregon that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with a complete, continuous line of retail-ready software products.  In addition, we also provide custom web design services, professional consulting services, computer training, private label software licensing and marketing options.

We have been developing software titles in various shapes and forms for our clients over the last ten years.  Recently, we modified our business to include our own line of hot software titles. We decided that instead of selling direct to retailers and the general public and then retaining all of the profit for ourselves, which is how many traditional businesses operate, we could allow independent distributors (that’s you) to help us reach an even larger audience, sharing in the revenues earned from helping us distribute our software products.

It’s a way to help average individuals and small business owners create an explosive income stream in our unpredictable economy... and the products are a safe bet because there are OVER 1 BILLION COMPUTERS in use WORLDWIDE that can benefit from the products you are selling.

Since we have our own team of in-house researchers, artists, programmers and designers we can promise our Distributors less hype, more action, more products and more profit potential. As mentioned previously, we’re a small software company- not a “get rich quick” opportunity. If you’re looking to ”get rich quick”, look elsewhere.

We’re not going to provide you with inflated statistics and dollar amounts. We’re not here to promise that you’ll get filthy rich. Our goal is to realistically help you earn and save your money. There’s no risk, no monthly distributorship fees, no product development and even better yet, no computer experience necessary (if you choose not to use one).

Our software products are offered to you at reasonable prices which allow you to resell them at attractive rates so both parties involved are able to sell and earn more. After all, if you’re not making money by selling our products, neither are we.  This is a win-win situation for everyone!

We have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars, countless hours of time and effort to bring you a complete line of hot-selling software products that you can take advantage of right away!  There’s nothing for you to create or develop. There are no difficult tasks to learn, no employees or office space needed, no long-term investments to make, no guesswork and no royalties to pay!

Nationwide Product Network has already paid the high financial price to build the software products and companion sales materials for you. Just take what we’ve prepared for you and start earning a second income immediately… NO HASSLES, NO HEADACHES, NO WAITING!

This is a fun, new way to make money from home.  This is not just an internet-based business. You can also plug our products into your existing business if you choose.  Sell the products when, where and however you choose. The choice is yours!  To make it even better, you get to vote on the products we develop for you to sell, and we will release a brand new title for you every 6-7 weeks.

If you’re looking to start your own small business and need to acquire a proven line of hot selling products, or just need more items to add to your existing product-line, Nationwide Product Network offers it’s Distributors a variety of inexpensive marketplace solutions.

Click Here to learn more about our Distributorship opportunities.

Why Nationwide Product Network?

A few key players at Nationwide Product Network noticed the downturn in the economy and the hardships it has created on the middle-class public and small businesses alike. Since the company already specialized in building software for third-party companies, the business model was modified to developing a new line of in-house products that can be resold by Distributors.

By recognizing the need for in-demand products that sell easily, Nationwide Product Network is able to help people earn a realistic side income selling software from the comfort and privacy of their own home, or within their own existing business. Our entire goal is to make sure our customers are successful selling our software products, because if they are successful, then we are successful.

Our core team of developers, support staff and sales professionals work collaboratively to insure that all of our customers receive the absolute best products and service. Over the years we been able to streamline our processes so that each of our customers receives our devoted attention. All of these things have been possible from the strong leadership that exists in our company.

From the upper level executive staff to management all the way down to the front-line support techs, everyone that works at Nationwide Product Network truly understands our vision and our mission to provide the very best products and services.